24 September 2021

Project Work ideas for 6th, 7th and 8th classes for Formative Assessment (FA)

Project Work ideas for 6th, 7th and 8th classes for Formative Assessment (FA) 

         Here I would love to share this information with you. When I discuss with my friend, Mr. Venumadhav SA English,  it is found as a good idea to make use it as a project for the class 8 English for formative assessment (FA). It would be absolutely a fantastic idea to engage the children to learn the language and learn their family as well. 

               The first unit of class 8 English is based on the theme, "family." The entire unit deals with theme, the family. Usually children will be enthusiastic and energetic in learning new things. So as to make the children engaged and learned we decided to give a project connecting their own families. It has made the children feel proud of themselves to learn about their families. They participated in the project curiously and found the information exactly taking the help of their elders in the family. And even they have taken the help of their friends in organizing the information collected. Finally they are asked to write a report on it. They have done happily and presented proudly.

               The question goes like this ....

For Class 8 - Project Work Question

Q: Collect the information of your family at least for the past five generations (or more) including yours. Organize the information in an order that would show the details of the family members in generations. Make a flow chart of the family. Give it a tittle. Finally write a few paras how you collected the information, how you organized it, how you felt during the collection and what are the new things you learnt about your family and present it in the class.

You can draw the family tree like this ...

For Class 7 - Project Work Question

Q: Read the story the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and The Town Chid and the Country Child (poem). Then discuss with your friends the differences between the Town and the Country. Make a difference table to make it clear. Later write a paragraph on which you like the most the town life or the country life and state your reasons. Present it in your class.


The Difference Table for the Town Life and the Country Life

The Town Life The Country Life 
Pure and fresh air to breathPolluted air to breath

My observations: 
    I like to live in a country side. Because here we ........................

For Class 6 - Project Work Question

Q: You may love to draw pictures. There are many animals, birds, snakes and insects in this beautiful world. You may like someone among them. Now, draw an animal, or a bird, or a snake, or an insect that you like. You may colour it to make it natural and beautiful. Then write a paragraph about it. You may ask yourself these questions to write your paragraph ...

What does people call it?

How does it look like?

Why do you like it?

What does is eat?

Where does it live, trees/water/land etc?

How does it move one place to another?

How is it helpful for us? etc.

For example:

Peacock the national bird
        I love peacock. It looks like a big cock but has beautiful feathers on its tail. I like the feathers having beautiful colours on them. Sometimes the peacock dances spreading its tail beautifully in a fan shape. The peacock's tail is also called a train and contains up to 175 feathers. The peacock usually lives in small forests. Sometimes in the summer they come into our village to get some water. It has two and and a crown on its head that makes it more beautiful. The peacock eats fruit, berries, grains, ants, flower petals and plants. 
        Our country, India, has chosen the peacock as the National Bird. It is a crime to hunt the bird. I love the peacock. It's our pride.



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