17 November 2020

The Snake and the Mirror 62 important questions and answers for 9th class English


(Important Questions and Answers)

1.     “Has a snake ever coiled itself round any part of your body?” Who asked this question?

The doctor asked the question when they were discussing snakes.

2.     How was the weather on that day?

The weather was hot on that day as it was summer night.

3.     What was the time mentioned in the passage?

It was night at ten O’ clock.

4.     Where did he have his meal?

The doctor had his meal at a restaurant.

5.     Why did he have his meal at a restaurant?

He was not married yet. He was alone. None was there to cook for him.

6.     What did he do when he finished his meal?

When the doctor finished his meal, he returned home.

7.     Why was it hot on that day?

As it was the summer night it was hot on that day.

8.     Where did the sound come from?

The sound came from the roof of the house.

9.     When did he hear the sound for the first time?

When the doctor returned home and opened the door, he heard the sound first time according to the passage but it was familiar to him as he had already heard many a time earlier.

10.Who heard the noise from the above?

The doctor heard the noise from the above when he opened the door.

11.Why do you think the sound was familiar to him?

The sound was familiar to him as it was common sound in his house. He might have heard it many a time.

12.“One could say the rats and I shared the room.” What does it mean?

The doctor said that there were many rats in his house every where running to and from.

13.What did he light?

The doctor lighted the kerosene lamp on the table.

14.Why did he light the lamp?

The doctor lighted the kerosene lamp as there was no electricity in his house.

15.Where was the lamp?

The kerosene lamp was on the table.

16.What was the narrator?

The narrator was a hopmeopath. (A doctor who practices homeopathy)

17.How were his earnings?

The doctor’s earnings were meagre.

18.What had he started?

The doctor had started a medical practice in the village.

19.Where did he have his money?

He had his money in his suitcase.

20.How much money did he have?

The doctor had sixty rupees in his suitcase.

21.What were his possessions?

The doctor’s possessions were some dhotis, shirts, a black coat, a vest and sixty rupees.

22.What did he do when he entered the room?

When the doctor entered the room, he took off his black coat, white shirt and a vest and hung them up.

23.Describe the room which the homeopath rented?

It was an outer room with one wall facing the open yard. It had two windows, tiled roof with long supporting gables that rested on the beam over the wall. There was no ceiling and a regular traffic of rats.

24.How many windows were there in the room?

There were two windows in the room.

25.What was the traffic mentioned about?

The traffic mentioned in the passage was the traffic of rats.

26.Why couldn’t he sleep when he made his bed?

He couldn’t sleep when he made his bed. Because it was a hot summer night and the house was not electrified. Moreover, there was no air then.

27.Why did he go out to the veranda?

The doctor went out to the veranda for a little air as it was hot.

28.What was the book mentioned in the passage?

The book mentioned in the passage was “Meteria Medica”.

29.What were the things around the table?

A lamp, a large mirror and a small comb were there on the table.

30.What do you do when there is a mirror?

Naturally I would love to take a look into the mirror to look at my beautiful face when there is a mirror.

31.What were the important decisions?

The two important decisions were …

i.                   Shave daily and grow thin moustache

ii.                 Keeping attractive smile on his face

32.Which decision made you laugh?

The doctor’s decision to shave daily and grow thin moustache made me laugh.

33.Why did he want to marry a fat woman?

The doctor wanted to marry a fat woman. When he wanted to do some silly mistake and wanted to run away, she shouldn’t be able to catch him.

34.Why do you think there were no more sounds from above?

The rats might have run away by seeing the snake. Hence there were no sounds from above.

35.What made the dull thud sound?

The falling of the snake made the dull thud sound.

36.Where did the snake land?

The snake landed on the shoulder of the doctor.

37.They were simultaneous. What were they?

The head turning of the doctor and landing of the snake on his shoulder were simultaneous.

38.Why did the doctor not jump and tremble when the snake landed on him?

There was no time to do such things for the doctor hence he didn’t jump and tremble.

39.Where did the snake coil?

The snake coiled around the doctor’s left arm above the elbow.

40.How far was the hood from his face?

The hood of the snake was three or four inches away from his face.

41.Why do you think he held his breath?

As the snake was waiting on his shoulder, he held his breath not to give any movement.

42.Why was he turned into a stone?

He was in dangerous situation and wanted to be more cautious. Hence, he turned to a stone.

43.What was active?

Thought the doctor became motionless his brain was active.

44.Who do you think the “Creator” mentioned in the passages?

The Creator mentioned in the passage is the GOD.

45.Why did he feel pain in his left arm?

The doctor felt pain in his left arm as the snake coiled around it.

46.What might have happened if the doctor moved a little?

If the doctor moved a little, the snake would have bitten him.

47.“Death lurked four inches away.” What does ‘Death’ refer to?

Here the word – Death – refers to the snake.

48.Why do you think the snake turned its head?

The snake might have thought to have a look at the mirror.

49.Why do you think the snake unwound itself?

The doctor was motionless. The snake might have seen its reflection and wanted to have a look at closer quarters.

50.Why do you think the snake crept on to the table?

The snake crept on to the table for it might have a look at its reflection in the mirror.

51.How did the doctor go out at the end?

Holding the breath, the doctor got up and quietly went out through the door into the veranda. From there he leapt into the yard and ran for all he was worth.

52.Did the doctor marry to a fat woman?

No, the doctor didn’t marry a fat woman.

53.What kind of a person was the doctor’s wife?

The doctor’s wife was a thin reedy person with the gift of a sprinter.

54.Who do you think “life companion”?

The ‘life companion’ is the wife of the doctor according to the passage.

55.Where did the doctor run to on that day?

The doctor ran to a friend’s house on that day.

56.When did he return to his room?

The next day morning at about eight-thirty he returned to his room.

57.What happened the next day?

The doctor along with his friends went to his room but found nothing in the room except the white vest.

58.What was insult for the doctor?

The doctor felt insult for the thief had left behind the doctor’s dirty vest.

59.Who insulted him?

According to the passage the doctor thought that the thief insulted him.

60.Why do you think the thief had left behind the vest?

The thief had behind the vest as it was dirty.

61.Why did the snake enter the room?

The snake might have entered the roof for its food, rats.

62.Is the story humorous?

Yes, of course, the story is humorous.

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