English Worksheets

English Worksheets for classes 6 to 10 English of SCERT Telangana Syllabus

 Here are the worksheets digitized and quick responsive results for child centered and mobile friendly. Make use of these worksheets by sharing among the children for practice. These worksheets are the digitized form of SCERT TS  worksheets.

తరగతి పై క్లిక్ చేసి సంబందించిన worksheet practice చేయండి. లేదా link ని copy చేసుకుని మీ సంబందిత తరగతి పిల్లలతో share చేయండి. వెంటనే  results పొందండి. నచ్చితే కామెంట్ చేయండి.

For detailed syllabus click on class 

(worksheet practice పాఠ్యాంశాల వివరాలకు తరగతిపై నొక్కండి)

👉6th   English worksheets👈

👉7th   English worksheets👈

👉8th   English worksheets👈

👉9th   English worksheets👈

👉10th   English worksheets👈


Jagadeshwar Gaddam said...

You created Wonderful materials. They ere very useful. Thank you for your efforts.

Unknown said...

Good morning sir
Wonderful material sir
Very easy most useful to the children

Unknown said...

namaste sir/madam,
I appreciate your
Wonderful effort.But I couldn't copy 8,9,10th links.

Unknown said...

Sir, make for primary also

Unknown said...

Nice material! Thank You!

Unknown said...

All the worksheets are not opening sir. Only which are in bold are opening

Unknown said...

Thanq very much creating online worksheets for students. Please edit the X class level 2 worksheet no 1 picture interaction as work sheet 2.Thanq sir

Unknown said...

Excellent work sir...thank vidmate really my work very easy simple and smart thank you sir thank you very much for

Unknown said...

Most useful material Sir

Anonymous said...

it helped me
thank you

Jagadeshwar Gaddam said...

Well done. For the betterment of students you are doing tremendous Service. Thank you for rendering your Services.

Unknown said...

Well done sir! but how can we download these work sheets?Is there any possibility? Please give us clarity.Tnq.

Unknown said...

These are very useful sir tq soooo much.

Unknown said...

Sir, Active the Level 1 worksheets

Unknown said...

Thank u sir its a wonderful material for us ...it is very easy and simple ..thank you

Kolla Narsimhulu said...

Primary Class WS also send sir

Unknown said...

The quizzes are not òpening

Unknown said...

Please sir/madam create primary english also

Unknown said...

Please sir/madam create primary english also

Unknown said...

Sir tq for this material but make some more difficult sir I think these are very easy for our level tq sir

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