19 September 2021

True Height Glossary and Comprehension Questions and Answers for class 9 English

 True Height
Glossary and Comprehension Questions with Answers 
for class 9 English
athlete (n): a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.
Eg: P T Usha is an athlete. She participated in running races.

pursue (v): to follow someone or something (or) to aim for something
Eg: He pursued his dreams with his hard work.

nerve-wracking (adj): causing stress or anxiety
Eg: It’s a nerve-wracking adventure in Amazon forests.
ultimate (adj): final
Eg: It was the ultimate jump that brought him first place.

awe-inspiring (adj): arousing awe through being impressive, formidable, or magnificent
Eg: Winning the world cup is an awe-inspiring achievement for the Indian Cricket team.

breathless (adj): out of breath
Eg: This mysterious story will leave you breathless.

quench (v): satisfy (one's thirst) 
Eg: You may quench your thirst for learning by reading many books.

intensity (n): the quality of being intense (seriousness, passion, zeal)
Eg: His intensity is to win the game.

astroturf (n): an artificial grass surface, used for athletic fields
Eg: The astroturf is so soft to play on it.

confront (v): meet (someone / something / a situation) face to face
Eg: Michael confronted the challenging competition and won it.

grace (n): simple elegance or refinement of movement
Eg: She has grace in her dance.

gymnast (n): a person trained or skilled in gymnastics
Eg: Srihari is a good gymnast.

fantasy (n): the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable
Eg: Sometimes reality and fantasy are hard to distinguish.

bird's-eye-view(n): a general view from above, or as if from above
Eg: She described the land from a bird's-eye-view.

excitement (n): a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness
Eg: We held our breath in excitement.

passion (n): strong and barely controllable emotion or feeling
Eg: They sang with great passion.

recurring (adj): occurring again periodically or repeatedly
Eg: He has a recurring dream about having lots of money and food.

soar (v): fly or rise high in the air
Eg: Eagles can soar in the sky effortlessly.
hard-core (adj): highly committed in one's support for or dedication to something
Eg: Dhoni is a hard-core cricketer. (i.e., He is a dedicated and committed cricketer)

realist (n): a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly
Eg: She had always been a realist, not a dreamer.

regimented (adj): very strictly organized or controlled 
Eg: Modern children don't like being regimented.

dedication (n): the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose
Eg: She is dedicated to her studies.

determination (n): firmness of purpose; resoluteness
Eg: I admired him for his determination.

discipline (n): the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience
Eg: We need good discipline in our schools.

persistence (n): firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition
Eg: Her persistence gained her victory.

oblivious (adj): not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one (unaware, unconscious)
Eg: She was oblivious to our warnings.

ritual (n) /ˈriCH(o͞o)əl/: any customary observance or practice
Eg: She makes an elaborate ritual of the washing-up.

envision (v): imagine or visualize
Eg: Now close your eyes and simply envision colour  
                                                                                                                                         deafening (v): cause (someone) to lose the power of hearing permanently or temporarily         
Eg: We were deafened by the explosion. 

robin (n): a large thrush (bird) that typically has a reddish breast   
Eg:  A robin was pecking at crumbs on the ground.   
majesty (n): impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty   
Eg: He flew with the majesty of an eagle.  

eruption (n): the act of starting suddenly and violently      
Eg: He was back to senses with the eruption of the people.  

giggle (v) /ˈɡiɡəl/: laugh lightly in a nervous, affected, or silly manner 
Eg: She giggled in amusement. 

accomplishment (n): something that has been achieved successfully
Eg: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.   
swarm (v): move somewhere in large numbers   
Eg: The spectators swarmed him after his victory.   

heartfelt (adj): (of a feeling or its expression) sincere  
Eg: He got heartfelt congratulations on his victory.

1. What is the story about?
The story is about a successful person despite having no eyes.
2. Who is the athlete mentioned in the story?
The athlete mentioned in the story is Michael Stone.
3. Why do you think the narrator described it as a nerve wracking day?
Michael Stone was blind and he worked hard all the way to the National Junior Olympics. He was one of the finalists. It was the time to prove himself. Hence it was described as a nerve wracking day.
4. Why do you think it was the ultimate test of his sports career?
He confronted the most challenging day in his career. It was the day he wanted to prove himself. He worked hard all the way. Hence it was the ultimate test of his sports career. Also it will decide his future career.
5. His palms were sweating. Why?
He was anxious, tense and nervous on that day. So, his palms were sweating,
6. How was the astroturf?
The astroturf was as hot as the competition.
7. What is the game mentioned in the story?
The game mentioned in the story is POLE VAULTING.
8. Why do you think the stands were still filled with about 20,000 people even though the final race had entered an hour earlier?
As it was the great achievement of a person being blind, the stands were amused and wanted to encourage him. So, they were still filled even though the final race ended an hour earlier.
9. What kind of a game is pole vault?
Pole vault is a glamorous event.  
10. What are the elements involved in the game pole vault?
The pole-vaulter combines the grace of a gymnast with the strength of a bodybuilder. Pole vaulting also has the element of flying.
11. Why do you think it's a fantasy to watch pole vault?
For us it would not be real to fly as high as a two storeyed house. But it comes true in front of our eyes when watching the pole vault. Then we would imagine that we would fly inside. Hence it is a fantasy for us.
12. What kind of stories did Michael's mother tell him?
Michael’s mother read him numerous stories about flying when he was growing up. 
13. How were the stories described by his mother?
She narrated stories that described the land from a bird’s-eye-view.
14. What made Michael's dreams full of colour and beauty?
His mother’s excitement and passion for details in describing the stories made Michael’s dreams full of colour and beauty.
15. What was Michael's recurring dream?
In his recurring dream, he would be running down a country road. He could feel the rocks and chunks of dirt at his feet. As he raced down the golden-lined wheat fields, he would always outrun the locomotives passing by. He would begin soaring like an eagle.
16. Michael was compared to a bird. What was that?
Michael was compared to an eagle.
17. What would coincide with Michael's mother's stories?
Michael’s mother’s stories and his recurring dream coincide with each other.
18. What kind of a man was Michael's father?
Michaels father, Bert Stone, was a hard-core realist. He believed in hard work and sweat.
19. What was Michael's father's motto?
His motto: If you want something, work for it.
20. Michael did just that. What was that?
As his father told him to work hard and sweat for success, he did the same.
21. When did Michael start practicing pole-vaulting?
Michael started practicing pole-vaulting when he was fourteen.
22. How did Michael practice?
Michael started a very careful and regimented weightlifting programme. He worked out every other day with weights, with some kind of running work on alternate days.
23. Who do you think monitored Michael's training programme?
It was monitored by his coach, trainer and father.
24. What was a coach's dream?
A coach dreams of the trainee’s dedication, determination and discipline.
25. What are the three qualities mentioned to be successful in life?
Dedication, determination and discipline are the three qualities that must possess to be successful in our life.
26. What was Michael's passion?
Michael’s passion was to continue striving for perfection.
27. What would Michael's mother wish for him?
Michael’s mother wished that he could relax a bit more and be the ‘free dreaming’ little boy.
28. If Michael Stone was surprised, thrilled and arrogant about clearing the bar 17 feet, what would have happened next?
If Michael Stone was surprised, thrilled and arrogant about clearing the bar 17 feet, he would have not cleared the final jump and might have not surpassed his personal best and national and international Junior Olympics record.
29. What qualities were Michael's vision?
Constant preparation and determination were Michael’s vision.
30. How would you feel if you get second place in any competition rather than getting first?
It would not be ashamed of getting second place rather than getting first. But we shouldn’t lose our spirits in fighting for first.
31. How old was Michael Stone when he played in the National Junior Olympics?
He was seventeen years old when he played in the National Junior Olympics.
32. How did Michael Stone release his tension?
He took deep breaths and envisioned his mother to release his tension.
33. He felt his heart pounding. Why?
It was the time for his final jump in the competition. His opponent missed his final jump. If he could clear this one, he could be the winner. So, he felt his heart pounding for the toughest situation.
34. When Michael was sprinting he felt different yet familiar. Why?
When Michael was sprinting he felt different yet familiar. Because he sensed the feelings of his dream. Everything seemed to be the same as in his dreams.
35. How was the air when he took off?
The air around him was the purest and freshest he had ever sensed when he took off his flight over the bar.
36. What brought Michael Stone back to earth?
It was either the eruption of the people in the stands or the thump of his landing that brought him back to earth.
37. Why do you think Michael's father cried harder when Michael won the pole vault?
Michael’s father cried harder than ever for the tears of pride. He was too proud of his son’s achievement. 
38. What was the accomplishment mentioned in the passage?
Accomplishment means successfully completing something. Here Michael Stone won the National Junior Olympics and set a new world record.
39. Michael's life would never be the same. Why?
Michael had won the National Junior Olympics and set a new world record in pole vaulting. With all the media attention and heartfelt spectators and fans, his life wouldn’t be the same in future.
40. Why was this story so special?
It was so special and inspirational for anyone. Being a blind, the greatest loss for a human being, Michael Stone showed dedication, determination and discipline in pursuing his dreams.
41. What did Michael dream of?
Michael would have a recurring dream in which he would be running down a country road. He could feel the rocks and chunks of the dirt at his feet. As he raced down the golden-lined wheat fields, he would always outrun the locomotives passing by. He would begin soaring like an eagle

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