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03 August 2021

Peace and Harmony questions and answers for better comprehension

 Peace and Harmony questions and answers f
or better comprehension

ఈ వీడియో పాఠం శ్రధ్దగా చూడండి
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వీడియో పాఠం చూసిన తరువాత ఈ ్రకింది ప్రశ్నలు జవాబులు మీ fair note book లో రాసి మీ టీచరుకు చూపించండి.👇👇👇

1. What is the story about? 

The story is about the peace and harmony in a forest.

2. Where was the story happened? 

The setting of the story is a thick forest.

3. Who lived together? 

The animals, birds, snakes and the insects lived together in the forest.

4. How did the animals, birds, snakes and insects live? 

The animals, birds, snakes and the insects lived together in peace and harmony in the forest. They helped each other. They never hurt anyone.

5. Who were proud of their dances? 

The peacocks were proud of their dances. They danced pretty well. All the animals in the forest admired the dance of the peacocks.

6. How did the elephants enjoy? 

The elephants enjoyed watching the fish swimming in the pool.

7. Who tickled the dark buffaloes? 

The tiny ants tickled the dark buffaloes.

8. Who danced in the musical evenings?

The elephant and the deer danced well in the musical evenings.  

9. Who sang in the musical evenings? 

The mynahs and the parrots sand in the musical evenings. 

10. What did the tiger and bear exhibit in the musical evenings? 

The tiger and the bear exhibited the gymnastics in the musical evenings in the forest.

11. Who were the guests of honour? 

The moon and the stars were the guests of honour for the musical evenings in the forest.

12. Who spoiled the peace in the forest? 

The cunning jackal spoiled the peace in the forest. 

13. What happened after the entry of the jackal? 

After entering the forest the jackal spoiled and poisoned the minds of the animals. The animals were divided among themselves.

14. Why the little animals disappeared one by one? 

After the peace and harmony were disturbed the jackal hunted the little animals one by one. So, they were disappeared one by one.

15. Why was the moon sad? 

The moon was happy when the animals lived together in peace and harmony. But now the peace was gone. The animals suspected each other. The little ones disappeared one by one. And there were no musical evenings in the forest. So, the moon was sad.

16. Who was the sadhu actually? 

The moon came as the sadhu in the jungle. 

17. Why did the animals approach the sadhu? 

The animals were in danger. They were not living a peaceful and harmonious life. When the sadhu came they approached him to ask him to change the situation. 

18. What did the animals ask the sadhu? 

As soon as the sadhu appeared in the forest, the animals and the birds approached him to narrate their tales of woe.

19. How did the jackal kill the sadhu? 

The jackal dragged the sadhu and ran into the jungle. He took the sadhu to a lonely place, tore him into pieces and ate him up.

20. Who killed the jackal actually?

The jackal ate the sadhu. The stomach of the jackal bloated and bust into pieces. Hence, we can say that the sadhu/the moon killed the jackal indirectly.


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