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21 September 2021

A Letter to a Friend Comprehension Questions with Answers for class 8 English


Comprehension questions with answers for better understand the text

  1. Who are Ramesh and Suresh?

Ramesh and Suresh are friends.

  1. Who wrote the letter?

Ramesh wrote the letter.

  1. When was the letter written?

The letter was written on 12th November, 2012.

  1. Where does Ramesh live now?

Ramesh lives in Hyderabad now.

  1. Why did Ramesh apologise?

Ramesh apologised for not meeting Suresh when he visited Hyderabad.

  1. Why did Ramesh not meet Suresh?

Ramesh did not meet Suresh because he had a meeting in his office.

  1. Where did Ramesh and Suresh spend their childhood?

Ramesh and Suresh spend their childhood in Manikonda village.

  1. Where did they use to play in their childhood?

They used to play in their garden everyday in their childhood.

  1. What did they get from grandma?

They got fruits and biscuits from grandma.

  1. Who used to tell them fairy tales?

Grandpa used to tell them fairly tales.

  1. What were the stories about?

The stories were about princes, warriors, and village boys.

  1. What is Ramesh now?

Ramesh is a computer programmer in an IT company.

  1. Where does Ramesh work?

Ramesh works at Microsoft, a software company, in Hyderabad.

  1. How many children does Ramesh have?

Ramesh has a child.

  1. Who looks after their child when they go to work?

A baby care centre looks after their child when they go to work.

  1. What are the games they used to play?

They used to play gilli-danda, hide and seek and kabaddi.

  1. How do they feel in their apartment?

They feel that their flat is their world. They feel like a well for a frog.

  1. Where did they go boating?

They went boating when they went on a picnic to Koilsagar.

  1. Where did they go for a tour?

They went to Srisailam for a tour.

  1. How does his son spend time?

His son spends time sitting before a computer and playing computer games.

  1. What did his uncle bring him when he visited?

When his uncle visited him brought toys and fruits.

  1. What are uncle and aunts for his son?

Uncle and aunts are just the same as the neighbours for his son.

  1. According to Ramesh, what did they miss?

They missed the joy of family and their company and many more.


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