27 September 2021

Little Bobby Comprehension Questions with Answers for better understanding the text for class 9 English

 Little Bobby 
Comprehension Questions with Answers 
for better understanding the text for class 9 English

  1. What was Little Bobby's mum doing when he came there?

Little Bobby’s mum was cooking dinner when he came into the kitchen.

  1. Why did he think it's a good time?

He is a troublemaker. He wanted a bike. He thought that his birthday was the right time to ask his mother for a gift.

  1. What does Little Bobby want for his birthday?

Little Bobby wanted a red bike for his birthday.

  1. What kind of a boy was Little  Bobby?

Little Bobby was a troublemaker.

  1. Why do you think he got into trouble at school?

Little Bobby was naturally a troublemaker. Hence he got into trouble at school and home as well.

  1. Do you think he deserved a bike for his birthday?

No, I don’t think he deserved a bike for his misbehaviour. Though his mother had given an opportunity, he didn’t utilize it.

  1. What did Bobby's mother ask him for?

She asked Bobby to reflect on his behaviour last year. She also asked him to write a letter to God explaining why he deserved a bike as a gift.

  1. Do you think Bobby reflected his behaviour?

Yes, he reflected on his behaviour. Though he found his misbehaviour last year, he didn’t change himself. 

  1. Why do you think Bobby was upset?

Bobby was upset because no letter would fetch him the gift. Because every reason he wrote was not true.

  1. What did Bobby do when he was upset?

When Bobby got upset, he went to his mum and told her that he wanted to go to church.

  1. Whom did Bobby kidnap?

Bobby was a troublemaker all the time. He found himself troublesome. He thought that no letter would bring him the gift he wanted. So, he kidnapped the statue of Mary, the mother of God. 

  1. Do you think Bobby was changed? Why?

No, Bobby didn't change himself though he reflected his behaviour. The last letter reveals his unchanged attitude.

  1. Have you ever reflected on your behaviour? What have you decided to change in your behaviour now?

  1. What do you want as a gift on your birthday?

  1. Which gift did you get from your parents? How did you feel then?


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