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05 December 2014

Letter writing


·         Letters are written in two ways in nature i.e., formal and informal.
·         Formal letters are Business letters, Official letters, Applications and Letters of complaint or to the newspapers.
·         Informal letters are letters to friends, parents, relatives and acquaintances.
Features/Format of a letter:
        I.            Heading:
a.       Sender’s address with comma at the end each line and a period at the end. It was written either right top corner or left. Heading is common to all kinds of letters. There is date with some space given. (అన్ని రకాల ఉత్తరాలకు Heading తప్పకుండా రాయాలి. ఇది పేపరు కుడి లేదా ఎడమ వైపు మూలలో రాయాలి. తరువాత కొంత స్థలం వదిలి తేదీ రాయాలి.)

                                                                                                   Hanuman Temple Road,
                                                                                                   Near Veg market,

                                                                               Date: 31st May, 2014
        Hanuman Temple Road,
        Near Veg market,

      Date: 31st May, 2014

b.      In formal letters the heading consists the addressee’s address after the date a bit lower and always written to the left indent. (ఎడమ వైపు తేదీకి కాస్త కిందుగా To Address రాయాలి)
                                                                                                             Hanuman Temple Road,
                                                                                                                    Near Veg market,

                                                                                    Date: 31st May, 2014
     The Head Master,
     Govt. High School,
      II.            Subject and reference:
                Subject and reference is written in formal letters especially in official letters only. The subject is the main idea of the letter and reference is the supporting information why you write the letter.
    III.            Salutation:
Salutation is a formal greeting ends with a comma written to the left indent. (దీనిని formal letter లో అయితే To address తరువాత, informal letter లో అయితే తేదీ తరువాత ఎడమ వైపు రాయాలి. చివరన కామా ఉంచాలి.)
Formal salutations:

1.       Sir/madam,
2.       Dear sir/madam,
3.       Respected sir/madam, etc.
Informal salutations:
1.       Dear Rakesh,
2.       My dear father,
3.       My dear Amma,
4.       Shankar, etc.
    IV.            Body of the letter:
The body of the letter is actual communication which is to be conveyed to the recipient.  It is written in formal language for formal letters. And optional for informal letters. The body of the letter organized in three paragraphs i.e., introduction, actual message and closing. (ఇదే అసలు ఉత్తరం. సంపూర్ణ సమాచారం ఇక్కడే రాయాలి. దీనిని కనీసం 3 పేరాలుగా విభజించుకోవాలి.)
      V.            Subscription:
Subscription is the courteous leaving. A comma is put at the end of the phrase. There will be a signature of the sender under the subscription. The first letter of the subscription must be in capital. (subscription వ్రాసి కామా ఉంచాలి. దాని క్రిందుగా సంతకం చేయాలి)
    VI.            Superscription or Address on the envelope:
Superscription or address on the envelope which is written at the end of the letter for formal letters only following punctuation. (ఇది formal letter లో మాత్రమే రాయాలి)
E.g.  Write a letter to the editor of a reputed newspaper explaining your views on your new textbook “Our world through English.”

        Hanuman Temple Road,
        Near Veg market,

      Date: 31st May, 2014

The Editor,
The Hans India,

Subject: Views – New English text book for class X – reg.

                I am a regular reader of your esteemed newspaper. I am very much interested in reading the news in “Reader’s Choice.” Every time when I have some feeling I bring to your notice. I am very much excited to be promoted to class X and having new syllabus and books as well.
                It’s really happy to be the first batch of the new textbooks. The English text book is designed handy and full of colourful pictures. It has organized by eight units of different themes. Each unit is compiled with three reading sections. Exercises after every section are more applied ones. The projects are a bit difficult but we love to do them.
                Thanks to the SCERT for compiling such a beautiful handy colourful “Our World through English.”
                Thanking you sir.

Yours faithfully,
V. Shivani
Govt. High School
Karimnagar Dist.

                E.g.  Write a letter to your father requesting him to send the term-ii fee Rs. 5000/-
MG Jr. College,

Date: 10th Sep, 2014

My dear father,
                I am fine here. I home that all of our family member are fine too. I am studying well in all subjects. I am very proud to have such lovely parents that no one can find all around the world.
                It’s a bit difficult to me write you this time. It’s time to pay my term-ii fee Rs. 5000 to the college. It would be pleasure to me if you send me the money immediately. The Principal has ordered me to pay the amount by 16th itself without fail.
                Hope My lovely sister is fine and going to school. Do convey my regards to Mom and grandfather.

                                                                                                                          Yours loving son,


Mr. V. Shravankumar,
H.No. 16-74,
Karimnagar – 505468

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