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05 December 2014



A debate or discussion is a kind of formal discussion, or an argument on a subject on which people have different opinion.  The main purpose of the debate is to show skills and ability of presenting in an argument either supporting or opposing the subject. (దీనిని తర్కము, చర్చ, వ్యాజ్యము అంటాము. ఇందులో ఏదో ఒక అంశముపై అనుకూలముగా కానీ లేదా వ్యతిరేకముగాగానీ వాదించవలసియుంటుంది.)  

·         Salutation: The debate starts with a salutation like ‘Respected chairperson, honorable judges and all present…’
·         Introduction: Introducing your support or oppose to the subject.  
·         Body: Actual subject of your debate as your views, facts, Illogicality of opponent’s argument, disproving the statement, questions etc.
·         Conclusion: It is the clarification of your stand made which side you are.

Useful phrases:
May I have your attention towards..…
I’d like to raise the argument ….
In my opinion………..
Nothing could be more illogical than …
I strongly believe that…….
I really believe that…
I strongly support that…
I would like to draw attention to…..
I am sorry! I fail to understand…….
I humbly submit that…….
May I ask you a question…….
I strongly oppose……..
I solemnly oppose that…..
On the contrary…….

E.g. 1. Write a debate opposing to “TV is bad for children.”


                Respected Chairperson, honourable judges, teachers and all present …

                Many of you have agreed to the statement that is “TV is bad for children”. But I strongly oppose that statement. Because there are many things even the elders are learning through this visual media. If a parent makes his children to use the television in a proper way, they will learn a lot. For instance if you take some kind of quiz programs, they might be encouraged themselves towards acquiring general knowledge. Children can imitate many actors and actress with their dialogues so that they may enhance their speaking and listening ability. If the children are allowed to watch some programs which are designed only for them as CN, NGC etc., they make themselves better learners. Nowadays children are acquiring the knowledge of the ancient culture and history of their own country and others as well by such programs. They have been educated to the contemporary issues by the televisions and internet only.
Hence I quietly oppose that “TV is bad for children” and I request one and all to make the children watch the organized programs for their better future.
Thank you.

E.g. 2 Write a debate supporting to “Home task is needed.”
Is home task needed?
Respected Chairperson, honourable judges, teachers and all present …
            In my opinion homework should only be unfinished classwork. This then assures that everyone in the class is at the same point when the next lesson starts. This also makes it less likely the student will encounter anything that has not been covered already in the class so reducing the chance of having problems completing the assignment.

On the other hand a complete ban on homework would mean that there is not a possibility of time for low proficiency students to catch up with the work of their peers. So that they get further and further behind. The alternative is having the faster ones either doing more or doing nothing neither of which is a good option.
Hence I would like to say that there would be some home task but it should not be burden to them and would be a different for low proficiency students.
Thanking you one and all.

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