08 November 2013

A test on parts of speech

Identification of parts of speech
1.      All my friends envy me because my mother cooks really delicious food.
2.      They quickly agreed to my suggestion that we go out for dinner.
3.      The tall man and the beautiful woman spoke to each other for a long time.
4.      Without any hesitation, she agreed to take over as the convener and started work immediately.
5.      The tall building and the garden attached to it are for sale.
6.      I lay in my bed for as long as possible writing down everything I knew.
7.      They quickly agreed to my suggestion of a change in our plans.
8.      The Cheetah has a thin elongated body and is said to be the fastest runner on earth.
9.      “I’ve had a trying day at the office,” he said wearily,
10.  I stayed in my sear for as long as possible writing down everything I knew.
11.  My aunt tried desperately to contact my uncle at the airport but was informed that the plane had already taken off.
12.  There was a great uproar in the parliament over the bill, but still the bill was passed.
13.  The strongest boy in the class asked me whether I wanted to fight with him.
14.  The teacher deliberately asked me an easy question, but I could not give the correct answer.
15.  He bought a new flat land they quickly moved into it.
16.  He was the first boy to climb the tree and also the first to fall down.
17.  She came last in the competition but she bore the defeat with dignity.
18.  We eagerly waited for the new movie.
19.  I have never seen such a wonderful sight in my life.
20.  The bearded man quietly slipped away.
21.  The room was filled with strong stench of smoke. He carefully looked at every face.
22.  The beautiful woman cried softly.
23.  He grasped the bottle firmly with his strong hands.
24.  When the door finally opened, I felt a gentle pat on my shoulder.
25.  Nathu’s wife looked at him questioningly. She could see slight embarrassment on his face.
26.  She walked towards the door quietly and peered through the keyhole. She was able to see someone standing in the corridor holding a black briefcase.
27.  He closed his eyes. Suddenly he became a small brown mouse.
28.  I talked afterwards to Mrs. Salmon, who naturally after the astonishing verdict went in fears herself.
29.   I realize very well that superstition is confined to India alone.
30.  I tried frantically to collect my senses. My cold feet were numb.
31.  The old man told me angrily that he wanted to see my father.
32.  “Do you have any significant reason for delaying the project?” the manager inquired angrily.
33.   Ramanujan made several important discoveries in Mathematics.
34.   History was his most favourite subject at school.
35.   He put this ideal quite literally into practice.
36.  She let a gentle smile come over her face.
37.  One day when I was asleep, my cousin Mourad came into my room.
38.  She smelled his sweet baby smell the love suffused her.
39.  The man took the last draw of his cigarette, and then he dropped it on the path.
40.  I have been living in Hyderabad for ten years.
41.  Anna, in a spurt of cat-like temper, left.

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