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08 November 2013

A test on correction of sentences

Correction of sentences
1.      She told that she would not come in class today.
2.      I am not understanding what you are saying at all.
3.      “Where you are going”, she asked.
4.      What you are doing on the weekend?
5.      I was coming quickly, quickly.
6.      Don’t hesitate giving me a call.
7.      I am having two elder brothers and one elder sister.
8.      I am not understanding why is it raining so heavily this year.
9.      She asked me that I didn’t tell anybody.
10.  Don’t forget sending me your new address and the phone number.
11.  Rain is coming and the current supply has went.
12.  She can be able to speak many languages.
13.  All of us were wondering why is he not coming.
14.  Refeeqa is knowing many languages.
15.  This only is the house that we are owning.
16.  Why you are not coming to class on time these days?
17.  Why you are not understanding my problem?
18.  I am remembering your name very well.
19.  Last night we are seeing the picture. Then after we are eating dinner in a hotel.
20.  I come tomorrow not.
21.  You no come yesterday? Say me why?
22.  Please return back the money and don’t repeat this mistake again.
23.  I could not be able to meet you because I was gone to my native village.
24.  What you mean by this? asked the teacher.
25.  “Why you have not came yesterday?” asked Neeraja.
26.  Raju said,” I came not yesterday because I late woke up”.
27.  “Where you are going, Rukini?” asked her neighbor, Kamala.
28.  Why you not come yesterday? I gone to my village.
29.  “Why you went out?” said the teacher to the boy.
30.  “Why you are hating him so much, tell me”
31.  How you can ignore the request?
32.  Is this person which you are talking about him?
33.  How you can ignore your children?
34.  Why you are not liking this book, tell me?
35.  Why you are preferring the radio than TV?
36.  Nobody is understanding what is the problem our teacher had just explained it to us.
37.  Tell me why are you not understanding the problem.
38.  Why are you not liking this book?
39.  Why the witness not forget the murderer?
40.  How cold is it!

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