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12 August 2021

The Tattered Blanket Glossary and important comprehension questions and answers for better understanding

 The Tattered Blanket 
Glossary and important comprehension questions and answers 
for better understanding

        Here is a list of glossary (contextual meanings) for new vocabulary from the text, The Tattered Blanket for class 8 English. Do make note of them and go through as many a time as possible to get the meaning clear. And make a note of all the questions and answers to read them many a time to get clear understanding of the text. All the best.

The tattered blanket

(Contextual meanings)

countryside : the land and scenery of a rural area

veranda : a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor.

futile : unsuccessful

widow : a woman who has lost her spouse by death and has not married again

huddle up : to draw people together or to crouch low or curl up

reluctantly : unwillingly

peer : look with difficulty or concentration at someone or something

bald : having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair

grating : sounding harsh and unpleasant

a note of alarm : fear or worry that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen

awkwardly : in a way that shows uneasy embarrassment

wrinkled : (especially of fabric or the skin) having wrinkles or slight folds

wouldn’t dream of (doing) something: used to say that you would never do something because you think it is bad or wrong

mumbling: to say something too quietly or not clearly enough, so that other people cannot understand you (mutter)

drop in: to come to visit or go to a place for only a brief period of time, often unexpectedly

exasperatedly: in a way that shows you are annoyed, especially because you can do nothing to solve a problem

thinna: a raised area on the veranda

mist: a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface that limits visibility (to a lesser extent than fog)

tattered: old and torn; in poor condition

yarn: spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing

stretch out: to lie down

expensive: costing a lot of money

look after: take care of someone or something 

make both ends meet: earn just enough money to live on

keep up: move or progress at the same rate as someone or something else (continue)

talk over: discuss something thoroughly

irritation: the state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or slightly angry

pull on: to manage or deal with a situation

feebly: in a way that lacks strength or force 

The Tattered Blanket
Important questions and answers to understand the text better

Go through these questions and answers to get the idea clear

1.         Who arrived unexpectedly? 

Gopi arrived unexpectedly.

2.               Where did he arrive?

He arrived at his home in the countryside.

3.               How did he get there?

He came there in his office car.

4.               Who sat in an armchair?

His mother sat in an armchair.

5.               Where did they sit?

They sat on the veranda.

6.               What does the word “futile” mean?

Futile means unsuccessful in doing something.

7.               Why do you think her attempt was futile?

She was too old and weak, so her attempt to get up was unsuccessful.

8.               Why do you think she wanted to get up?

She wanted to get up to check who arrived there.

9.               Mother said “somebody in a car.” Who do you think is the somebody?

Somebody is none other than her son, Gopi. 

10.            Who was a widow?

A woman who loses her husband is called a widow. Here, Kamala is a widow.

11.            How did Kamala sit on the thinna?

Kamala was sitting huddled up on the thinna on the veranda, her head and ears covered with a thin bath towel.

12.            Why do you think Kamala got up reluctantly?

Kamala might have not been interested to see who arrived at the gate. Hence, she got up reluctantly and walked slowly to the gate.

13.            Why do you think Kamala screwed up her eyes?

Kamala might have been facing some problem with her vision (eyes). Hence, she screwed up her eyes to find who arrived at the gate.

14.            How was Gopi?

Gopi was a bald, fat, middle-aged man.

15.            ‘Oh, Gopi!’ she said in her grating voice. Why do you think her voice was grating? 

Grating means harsh and unpleasant. So, we can understand that Kamala was angry with Gopi for not caring for them for many days.

16.            Gopi’s mother asked who that was many times. Why?

His mother was old and lost her memory. So, she asked again and again.

17.            I just dropped in on my way back … means?

I just dropped in on my way back means he casually visited his home when he was returning to Delhi.

18.            Why did Kamala ask awkwardly?

She was asked again and again. For that she might be irritated. So, she asked a little awkwardly. 

19.            Do you think Gopi really wrote letters to his mother?

No, he didn’t write letters. But Kamala consoled her mother by saying he wrote. 

20.            How was Amma’s memory according to Kamala? 

As she was old, her memory was not good enough to identify anybody. But sometimes her memory was quite sharp.

21.            Why do you think Kamala lied that Gopi writes letters everyday?

Kamala didn’t want to make her mother unhappy. Hence, she lied that Gopi wrote letters everyday.

22.            What does “wouldn’t dream of doing something” mean?

It is used to say that you would not do something because you think it is wrong or bad or silly: Here in this story Kamala didn’t want to tell his mother that Gopi was not sending a letter for her. Because Kamala thought that it was wrong or silly to hurt her mother.

23.           Who got the promotion?

Gopi got the promotion a year ago.

24.           I am always on my toes … What does it mean?

I am always busy.

25.           “I don’t get time to write a letter,” said Gopi. Do you think he really had no time to do so?

No, if he wished, he could have written a letter.

26.           Who was Vimala?

Vimala was the wife of Gopi.

27.           Who was Nambiar?

Nambiar was father of Vimala.

28.           Why do you think Gopi’s sister said exasperatedly?

Exasperatedly … means a very annoyed or upset manner. Kamala was very upset and couldn’t find the way to get back her mother’s memory. 

29.           What is thinna? 

Thinna means a sit out place raised in a veranda. 

30.           What did his mother want for?

She wanted a new red blanket because the old one is tattered.

31.           I can’t make both ends meet with my salary. How do you understand it?

This means that he had a limited salary. It was just enough to live on. So, he needed more money.

32.           Why do you think he wanted more money though his salary was enough for living?

His salary was enough to live on. But he said that he had to keep up his status. Hence he wanted more money.

33.           Finally, do you understand why Gopi came home this time?

Yes, I could sense it. He had come over here to sell his share of the family property. But not to see his mother and her welfare.

34.           Do you think Gopi will come back to see his mother again?

No, I don’t think he will come back again to see his mother.

35.           How old is Amma now?

She is eighty three years old.

36.           How long was it for Gopi to visit his mother this time?

It’s more than five years to find time to come to his mother.

37.           What does the title, “The Tattered Blanket” mean?

Here in this context we could understand that the tattered blanket is compared to tattered/spoiled relations.

 🐵 All the very best🐵


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