12 July 2021

I Will Do It : important comprehension questions and answers for class 10 English for note making


Possible comprehension questions and answers for note making

1. What do Murthy’s seniors ask him to do? 

When the seniors get doubt in Mathematics or Physics, they ask Murthy to help them in solving the problems. This shows us that Murthy is a brilliant child.

2. He could have gone unnoticed in a crowd. Why? 

As Murthy was short in size among his classmates, he could have gone unnoticed in a crowd.

3. There was a spark in his eyes. When and why? 

When somebody asked Murthy some doubt in Mathematics or Physics, there was a spark in his eyes. He was very much interested in Math and Physics.

4. How fast could he grasp the theories of science? 

It is said that Murthy could grasp the theories of science faster than the speed of the light. It indicates that he could take no time to understand the subject matters.

5. He prepared for an entrance test. What was it? 

Murthy along with his friends prepared for an entrance test for IIT. He would love to study in an IIT and pursue his degree. 

6. What is the ultimate aim of a bright student? 

According to the passage given the ultimate aim of a bright student is to study in an IIT. But there may be some other aims too for children to fulfil their dreams.

7. Expand IIT and IT. 

IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology and IT stands for Information Technology.

8. If your father rejects you to join in a college you like after your 10th class, what will you do? 

My father never reject my wished to fulfil. Even though he rejects I definitely understand the reality and obey him.

9. Narayana Murthy is a bright student. Do you agree? Find some supporting statements from the passage. 

Yes, I do agree with the statement. Many evidences are there in the text to support this statement. For example ... His seniors would ask him to solve their problems in Maths or Physics. Without any coaching and sophisticated material he had gotten the better rank in IIT entrance test. He had become the guide for his friends in preparation. 

10. What kind of a student are you? What’s your ultimate aim? 

Write your own answer....

11. Is it really difficult for his father to send Murthy to IIT? Why? 

Yes, it's really difficult for his father to send Murthy to IIT. Because he was a salaried person and had many children to be educated and married off.

12. He had to tell the bitter truth to his son. Who was the father? Who was the son? What was the truth? 

They are Murthy and his father. The truth is that his father couldn't bear the expenses for Murthy's education at IIT.

13. His heart sank in sorrow. Whose heart sank in sorrow? Why? 

When Murthy's father expressed his helplessness to send him to IIT, Murthy's heart sank in sorrow. Because he dreamed of studying at IIT. 

14. Are you an introvert or an extravert? How do you say? 

Write your own answer ...

15. He did not reply his father. Why? 

Murthy didn't reply his father because he had understood the reality and he was an introvert in nature.

16. Why did Murthy go to railway station? 

Murthy went to railway station to send off his friends who were leaving for Madras for their education at IIT Madras.

17. Who is a philanthropist? 

A philanthropist a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

18. What do you learn from Murthy’s life? 

Write your own answer ....

19. ‘Your best friend is yourself and your worst enemy is yourself.’ How? 

It is a quotation taken from Geetha. That means when you think of good and involved in good deeds they will produce good results and become your best friends. When you think of bad and involved in bad deeds they will produced bad results and become your worst enemies. That is your attitude is yourself.

20. What do you think the reason behind Murthy’s success despite facing difficulties?

Despite having some difficulties Murthy excelled in his life. He had believed in hard work, simplicity, uncompromised quality and sincerity. His personal qualities made him success for his dedication, discipline and determination.

If you find the meanings of the answers difficult what the video lessons in Telugu explanation here by clicking the links given below 👇👇👇


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