09 November 2020

The Journey 33 Important Comprehension Questions and Answers for Class 10 English

 Here is a bunch of 33 comprehension questions and answers other than text questions. These are the possible and important questions and answers for the topic - The Journey - for class 10 English. Do make use of it and get comprehended the text better.

Here are the questions and answers 👇👇👇


1.       How would you feel to attend school after spending a week holiday?

I would feel unhappy and not interested to go to school after spending a week holiday.

2.       Why was the son not ready to go to his place of work?

The narrator was not ready to go to his place of work after spending a leisurely six months of leave and getting married.

3.       Why did the son come home this time?

The narrator came home this time to get married.

4.       How long does the son take leave?

The narrator took six months of leave.

5.       The fact that …. What was the fact?

The fact was that he was married and not interested to leave his newly-wed wife leave behind.

6.       The narrator says “Obviously I did not want to go. However, I finally did decide to go.” What might be the reasons behind the change of opinion?

The narrator changed his opinion on joining the duty. Because his marriage had increased his responsibilities and he had got into debt.

7.       Write two sentences of you own about the village his father lived in?

The narrator’s father lived in a village on a hilly terrain. It was really non pollution and healthy relationship maintaining area. There was no roads and bus facility to his village.

8.       Why did the son decide to go to work finally?

The son decided to go to work finally because his marriage had increased his responsibilities and he had got into debt.

9.       Did he take any unpaid leave? Why?

He initially wanted to take even unpaid leave but didn’t take any more leave as he had got into debt.

10.   Who arranged the marriage?

The parents of the narrator arrange the marriage according to their customs.

11.   What was the special purpose of the narrator coming home?

The special purpose of the narrator’s coming home this time was that he was getting married.

12.   ….. came up with a solution. – What was the problem? What was the solution?

The problem was that the narrator didn’t find anyone to carry his luggage. But his father came up to carry the luggage as a solution.

13.   Nobody had time to spare for the narrator. Why?

Nobody had time to spare for the narrator. Because most of the villagers were busy in their field works.

14.   Who carried the luggage when the son came home?

When the narrator came home a porter carried his luggage.

15.   Who carried the luggage this time? Why?

Father of the narrator carried the luggage this time because they couldn’t find anyone to carry it. And the narrator felt guilty and ashamed of carrying his own luggage.

16.   Why did the son not carry his own luggage?

The narrator felt false prestige and false pride of his education and white-collar job. So, he didn’t carry his own luggage.

17.   What was the weight of the luggage?

The weight of the luggage was a 20-kilo.

18.   Do you think that the son really protested his father to carry the luggage?

No, I don’t think that the narrator protested whole heartedly his father to carry the luggage.

19.   If you were the son, what would you do? Do you let your father carry the luggage? Why?

If I were the narrator, I would carry my own luggage. I never get any inhibitions to do our own work.

20.   They hardly talked during their journey to Dirang. Why?

His father was carrying the luggage and walked fast. For the guilty the narrator didn’t talk to his father much.

21.   Who do you think strong? The father or the son? How do you say?

Mentally and physically his father was strong. He carried the luggage and came up with a solution when the narrator was hesitating to carry his own luggage and never blamed his son.

22.   Why was the crowd gathered? Have you ever seen such gathering? When?

The crowd gathered there to wish the narrator good-luck and say good-bye. Yes, I have seen such gatherings here in my village when people getting to go longer places. For instance, here people go to Gulf countries for work.

23.   Who do you think was physically strong? Why?

Absolutely his father was physically strong. When they went to Dirang the narrator was unable to carry his own luggage and was far behind of his father in his walk.

24.   What was the road compared to?

The road was compared to a giant motionless rope.

25.   Do you think parents feel proud of their children? If yes when? If not why?

Yes, of course, parents feel proud of their children when they do something good or succeed in their life.

26.   Why did they rest on the way?

As it was a long journey on the pebble strewn road, they were tired. Hence, they took rest on the way.

27.   Why didn’t the son observe the road uneven?

The narrator didn’t observe the road uneven as he had worn the hunting boots and didn’t carry anything.

28.   Do you think his father was happy with the old pair of hunting boots? Why?

Yes, his father was happy with the old pair of hunting boots. Most of the parents will be happy with their children even they provide little things.

29.   Do you let your father go with old pair of shoes if you were the narrator? What would you do?

No, I don’t let my father go with old pair of shoes. I would persuade him to get a new pair.

30.   How did the father’s feet resemble?

The narrator’s father’s feet resembled of an elephant’s feet.

31.   Why did the father ask for old pair of shoes?

His father didn’t want to waste money on buying new shoes for him. Hence, he asked for the old pair of shoes.

32.   If you were the father how would you feel for carrying the luggage?

If I were the father, I would feel happy for carrying the luggage to Dirang. I never belittle my children.

33.   Prepare an invitation card for the son for his marriage. Use the name and other details at your will.

        (This questions is left for your response)


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