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28 August 2019

IT'S CHANGE ... An interpretation of the poem by Harinath Vemula

IT'S CHANGE ... 7th Class English Poem Analysis  
An interpretation of the poem by Harinath Vemula


(By Emma Gorie)

Mum I don’t want to go to school today,
‘cause I fear our world is in decay.

I feel my teachers are part of the plot,
I’m the only one who sees through the rot.

Scientists are cloning pigs and sheep,
Saying, it’s change – a quantum leap.

Biologists are making stem cells grow,
Saying, it’s change – the way to go.

Geologists are finding cracks in our earth,
Saying, it’s change – predicting it’s birth.

Archaeologists are digging up fossils and bones,
Saying, it’s change – time for clones.

Yes, scientists are causing me great concern,
Giving us kids too much to learn!!!

Interpretation of the poem – “It’s Change…” by Harinath Vemula
This is a poem which was written by Emma Gorie. She is from Australia. She has a little concern to science and scientists.

            The narrator of the poem is either a boy or a girl who goes to school. The child is portrayed as a naughty child. He/She talks to his/her mother how the science is being changed.

            This poem consists of seven couplets. Initially the child refuses to go to school today and is more concerned about the world. The child finds many reasons for absence. But the last couplet reveals the secret.

            The child is naughty. He/She has learnt many things in the school regarding the science and its development now a day.

            The child explains her/his mother how the scientists change the world with their inventions and how the world is being changed by the science. The child refers to the scientists, biologists, geologists and archaeologists and how they change the world.

            But satirically complains about the teachers how they plot to teach all the science. Finally the child complains about the burden the children have to face as the syllabus of the science and its change in the world.

            The child claims that it’s really burden to them to all the science that has been developing like, science, biology, geology, archeology etc,. And the child blames the teachers that he/she is plotting by teaching all these things as part of the science subject.

            This poem is critically organized in a simple manner supporting the science development and satires school syllabus as well by saying the scientists are causing great concern/burden to learn too much.


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