25 August 2019

2019-20 FA2 English for class 10

Slip Test for  FA2 English for class 10

Formative Assessment – 2 (Slip Test) – 2019-20
Name: …………………………………………………………..……………..… Class X, Roll No: ………….. English Max Marks: 20
SECTION – A (Comprehension)
Read the following poem carefully.
                We give undue importance to our health and the treatment of diseases. A large number of medicines treat only the symptoms of the disease, and not the root cause. In fact, the cause of many chronic ailments is still being rese3arched. It is here that yoga therapy comes to our assistance.
                Yoga emphasizes treatment of the root cause of an ailment. It words in a slow, subtle land miraculous manner. Modern medicine can claim to save a life at a critical stage, but for complete recovery and regaining of normal health, on must believe in the efficiency of yoga therapy.
                The yogic way of life includes a code of ethics, regulations, discipline and more, combined with prayer and meditation. Simple Asanas help to stretch and relax the whole body and neutralize tensions. Through continuous practice, yoga postures can have a profound effect on the inner dimensions of life, establishing deep calm, concentration, emotional stability and confidence.
                Now, answer the following questions. Each question has four choices. Choose the correct answer and write A/B/C/D in your answer booklet.                                                                    3x1=3
1.       According to the passage, most of the medicines treat ……..              (           )

A.       diseases
B.       symptoms of the disease
C.       root cause of the disease
D.       mental tensions

2.       The phrase ‘chronic ailments’ means ……                                  (           )

A.       The disease that lasts for long
B.       The disease that lasts for a short time
C.       The disease that lasts for a week
D.       Hereditary diseases

3.       Simple Asanas help us to …………                                             (            )

A.       Stretch our body
B.       Stretch and relax the whole body and neutralize tensions
C.       Treat diseases
D.       Keep ourselves happy

Now answer the following questions in about two or three sentences.                     2x1=2
4.       How is yoga different from other treatments?
5.       Is yoga better than physical exercise? How?
SECTION – B (Vocabulary and Grammar)
Complete the following passage choosing the right words from the options given below. Each blank is numbered and has four choices A, B, C and D. Choose the correct answer from the given choices and write A/B/C/D in your answer booklet. 4 x ½ =2
                In volcanic areas, underground water …………. (6) often rise to a temperature of 2000C. Now-a-days, wells …….. (7) drilled to extract the steam which is used to drive turbines. This is ……… (8) of the world’s fastest growing sources of energy. …………. (9) the water is heated by enormous reservoirs of cooling rock several kilometers across, geothermal steam is said to be a renewable energy resource.
6.       A) should               B) can                     C) must                   D) ought to
7.       A) is                        B) been                  C) are                     D) being
8.       A) any                     B) some                  C) one                    D) few
9.       A) As                       B) While                 C) Though              D) Even
Read the following passage and fill in the blanks choosing the correct word given in the brackets. Write the answer in your booklet.                                                                                                                                                                                                6 x ½ = 3
Tap dancing is an exciting ………. (10) (form/from) of dance in which dancers ……… (11) (wear/wore) special shoes equipped with small metal plates under the …………… (12) (heel/hill) and toe. Tap dancers use their ……….. (13) (feet/foot) to create …………. (14) (rhythm/rhythmic) patterns and timed beats as the shoes touch the hard (15) (flour/floor) or surface.
SECTION – C (Creative Expression)
16.    Advertisement appeals to children, luring them to buy the products, putting pressure on parents. As a result, children demand the clothes, shoes, food etc., advertised on the TV.
Now, write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper highlighting the negative effects of advertisements on children. Make use of the following ideas;

v  Nature of advertisements which attracting children
v  Children demand for the products
v  Influence of peer group
v  Pressure the parents to buy things

v  Suggestions to control the TV ads                                                                                                                     (10x1=10)


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