16 August 2018

Formative Assessment (FA) - 2 Slip Test for Class 10 English


Name of the student: …………………………………………………………. Max Marks: 20

I.                    Read the following paragraph and answer the questions.
'Oh, how terrible this leak is!' she complained. 'How terrible! I would rather meet a tiger in the forest than have this leak in my house!'
'A leak?' the tiger thought. 'What is a leak? It must be very dangerous and strong or the woman would not be more frightened of the leak than of me. Am I not rightly called the king of the forest? Aren't they all afraid of me? I wonder what a leak looks like . . . ?
Soon afterwards the tired tiger fell asleep. He was suddenly awakened by an angry voice shouting in his ear. He felt heavy blows fall upon his head and shoulders.
'You horrible beast!' a voice screamed angrily. 'How dare you run away? How dare you make me walk about in the middle of the night trying to find you! Be careful, one of these days I'll kill you! Now, go home!'

Now answer the following questions. (4x1=4)
1.       What type of the text is the above passage?

a.       poem
b.      biography
c.       folktale
d.      conversation

2.       What was the dangerous animal according to the tiger?

a.       tiger
b.      leak
c.       donkey
d.      monkey

3.       Why was the potter angry?

a.       his tiger ran away
b.      his donkey ran away
c.       heavy rain fall.
d.      the old woman

4.       Who awakened the tiger?

a.       the old woman
b.      the donkey
c.       the potter
d.      the leak

Now answer the following questions in about two sentences. (3x2=6)

5.       Why was the tiger tired?
6.       How did the tiger understand the leak?
7.       How did the potter become famous?

II.                  Read the following passage carefully. The numbered sentences have an error in each sentence. Correct the sentence and rewrite them. (5x1=5)

8) On my way home from the bus stop, my trunk had been carry by a porter. 9) The problem now was we couldn’t find anyone which could help me carry the trunk to the bus stop. 10) At another time of the year, we would had easily found someone to help me, but now most of the villagers were busy in the fields. 11) Nobody had time to spare for I. In fact, carrying the trunk should not have been such a worry for me except that my education had made me shun physical labour. 12) After all, I was an government officer and the idea of people seeing me carry my own luggage was not at all amusing. Otherwise, for a young man like me it should not have been an issue to carry a 20-kilo chest on my back.

III.                Answer the following question.

13.   In the lesson “Dear Departed” Abel Merry Weather came to know that his daughters’ greediness and decided to get married. Now describe the feelings of Abel before his decision to marry Shorrocks. (5x1=5)


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