02 September 2017

Slogans - Supports to use in all kinds of discourses

Slogans - Supports to use in all kinds of discourses

Here is a list of slogans on various events and problems to awaken the people. The given slogans may be useful while writing any kind of discourse. Slogans are the artistic and attractive sentences or statements given for a particular awareness on some issues. Hence they are useful for writing discourses. They attracts the readers eye. To download the file click the link given under the post.


1.       Be clear for environment care.
2.       Celebrate every day as environment day.
3.       Don’t be greedy, it’s time to be greeny.
4.       Don’t be so mean, just be green!!
5.       Enjoy the environment but do not destroy it.
6.       Environment is green but we need to make it clean!
7.       Environment is our basic need; we should not waste it for our greed.
8.       Go green and eliminate the global warming.
9.       If we care and love our environment, it will return more to us.
10.    If you have fear of God, save the environment.
11.    It’s time to work together on the theme of “save environment”.
12.    Let us take a pledge to save the environment.
13.    Let’s go green as it makes environment clean.
14.    Let’s work together to save environment.
15.    Love the Nature for our Future.
16.    Make safer environment for better tomorrow.
17.    Make the natural environment your habit!
18.    Never let your greed overcome with green.
19.    Nurture the nature to save environment.
20.    One who does not love the nature, cannot love anything in life.
21.    Recycle your wastes to maintain natural life cycle of environment.
22.    Save environment from global warming.
23.    Save environment, save earth!!
24.    Save environment, save life.
25.    Save the nature to save the future.
26.    To have a protective screen, let our environment be green and clean.
27.    We cannot generate the new environment but we can save it.


1.       Air mask is a short-term solution from air pollution
2.       Air pollution can hit IQ level of your kid
3.       Air pollution causes asthma in your kids
4.       Air pollution is main cause of several respiratory diseases
5.       Always drink boiled water
6.       Always use biodegradable plastic bags
7.       Always use public transport to reduce air pollution
8.       Avoid excessive use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer
9.       Avoid using plastic bags
10.    Be fair for green care
11.    Better Environment Better Tomorrow
12.    Black plastic bags cause skin cancer
13.    Cleanliness means is the Godliness
14.    Conserve water and energy resources
15.    Dispose the garbage at designated place
16.    Do your share to care water
17.    Don’t be mean, let’s be green
18.    Don’t let our environment be polluted!!
19.    Don’t litter, it will make your life bitter
20.    Dustbin is for use, life is not to excuse
21.    Earth is the only livable planet; just save it
22.    Eliminating pollution is the best solution to save the environment.
23.    Environment is life, pollution is death
24.    Every Day is World Environment Day
25.    Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute
26.    Global warming is actually a global warning
27.    If we pollute the environment, we destroy the life.
28.    Industries must abide by green rules
29.    Invest sometime for environmental care and safety.
30.    It’s time to act; save the planet Earth
31.    It’s time to make pollution free environment.
32.    Keep engine and silencer of your vehicle in good condition
33.    Keep environment safe and pollution free.
34.    Keep investing in green technologies
35.    Keep planting trees to hit air pollution
36.    Keep your area green and clean
37.    Keep your homes and surroundings clean
38.    Less pollution is the best solution
39.    Lesser the pollution, better the life
40.    Let’s protect our natural resources
41.    Let’s save our mother Earth
42.    Love your oceans by taking care of them
43.    Make this world a green heaven
44.    Make water resources free from contamination
45.    Make your every day Earth Day
46.    Never let anyone to pollute your environment
47.    Never make your sea a dustbin
48.    Nurture the Nature
49.    Only we can make the future green
50.    Plantation is best option to gain green environment.
51.    Plantation is the best option against pollution
52.    Polluting the environment is a punishable crime
53.    Pollution is also a weapon of mass destruction
54.    Pollution is enemy to healthy environment.
55.    Pollution is injurious to environment.
56.    Pollution is injurious to health
57.    Pollution is our silent enemy, just finish it silently
58.    Pollution isn’t cool, so don’t be a fool!
59.    Raise awareness on environment
60.    Recycling begins at home
61.    Reduce noise level for a calmer living
62.    Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and never be confused
63.    Safer the environment healthier the life
64.    Save Earth from Global Warming
65.    Say no to pollution in every moment of your life
66.    Serve to Conserve
67.    Silence is the best tool to combat noise pollution
68.    Stay unchanged against climate change
69.    Stop burning of garbage
70.    The best solution of pollution is its dilution
71.    Water pollution can create stone in your kidney
72.    Water pollution is main cause of gastro diseases
73.    We need to follow all the environmental laws.
74.    We really need the pollution free environment! Just do it.

Save Girl Child Slogans

1.       A baby girl is one of the god’s most precious gifts
2.       A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on
3.       A girl child, an uncut diamond
4.       A girl, not only educate herself, educate the whole nation
5.       Be bold to stop violence. Show your concern for the girl child
6.       Care, because she does it selflessly
7.       Daughter is a daughter for life
8.       Daughter, a most beautiful gift from the GOD
9.       Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom
10.    Don’t be cold; Girls are worth more than gold!
11.    Don’t be cruel Oh Selfish! – Let me swim like colorful fish
12.    Girl child are like rose petals, save them
13.    Girls are angels, save them
14.    Girls are coldness of father’s eyes
15.    Girls are not emails so don’t delete them
16.    I have dreams too, save me
17.    Joy at every stage, Welcome the baby girl
18.    Let me live – Let me bloom – Let me shine like beautiful moon
19.    Let me see this beautiful earth – Please don’t kill me before birth
20.    Listen my cry, let me go to fulfill my dreams
21.    Little Girls are Heaven’s Flowers
22.    No girl – No mother – No life
23.    Please help us save the girl!
24.    Pretty dresses Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls!
25.    Save girl child – Save future mother – Save future sister – Save future wife
26.    Save the future mothers and grandmothers. Save Girls
27.    Save the girl child or think of world without them
28.    Saving girl child is like saving the upcoming generations
29.    Should mother, should sister, should wife – then why shouldn’t daughter?
30.    We will certainly need mothers
31.    You want mother, you want sister, you want wife, why don’t you want a daughter?

Road Safety Slogans

1.       A driving tip for the day – yield the right of way.
2.       Accidents are held by mistake, if you take road rules as fake.
3.       Accidents do not happen, they are caused.
4.       Adjust mirrors while driving can save you from dying.
5.       Alert today – Alive tomorrow.
6.       Always be proactive about safety.
7.       Always remember; drive slower to live longer.
8.       Always use seat belt, to reduce accident rate.
9.       Always wait for red; don’t go for bleed.
10.    Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.
11.    Be a best driver to be a good survivor.
12.    Be a driver not clever while driving.
13.    Be a safety hero, score an accident zero.
14.    Be alert as accidents hurts.
15.    Be alert to be safe and secure.
16.    Be alert to reduce road side accidents.
17.    Be alert to save your life.
18.    Be alert while driving on road.
19.    Be alert! Accidents hurt.
20.    Be alert, your wife needs you.
21.    Be safe, not sorry.
22.    Be safety minded at home.
23.    Be safety smart, before you start.
24.    Be sure to tie seat belt before driving the car.
25.    Be sure to wear helmet before driving bike.
26.    Better be Mister Late than to be Late Mister
27.    Better Late than Never!
28.    Better to lock out than luck out.
29.    Do not mix drinking and driving
30.    Do not use cell phone while driving
31.    Don’t be blind keep in mind all the road safety measures.
32.    Don’t be fool, follow traffic rules.
33.    Don’t be fool, respect road safety rules.
34.    Don’t be in hurry otherwise you will get worry.
35.    Don’t drive in wrong lane; it will leave you in pain.
36.    Don’t use phone while driving, it will leave your family alone.
37.    Don’t watch her behind. Keep safety in mind!
38.    Donate Blood!! But not on roads!    
39.    Drive as if every child on the street were you own.
40.    Drive like hell and you will be there.
41.    Drive safely to make accidents rarely.
42.    Drive safety rules are your best tools
43.    Drive slowly, as fast drive can be last drive.
44.    Drive slowly; someone is waiting at home.
45.    Drive with reason this holiday season.
46.    Drive, don’t fly
47.    Driving faster can cause disaster.
48.    Driving like there’s no tomorrow is likely to produce that result.
49.    Drug, drink and drive never go together.
50.    Drunk and drive cannot go together.
51.    Everything comes your way, if you are in the wrong lane.
52.    Fast drive could be Last drive
53.    Fast driving is not safe, follow the limit to avoid chafe.
54.    Fast driving is prohibited, follow it!
55.    Fast speed driving becomes thriving but life taking.
56.    Follow driving tips all through the day to keep accidents away.
57.    Follow road culture to save your future.
58.    Follow road safety rules!
59.    Follow traffic rules and save lives.
60.    Follow traffic rules, save your future
61.    Have another day
62.    Hit and run was meant for the ball field.
63.    Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.
64.    Ice & Snow – Take it slow
65.    If u don’t have traffic sense You will find yourself in ambulance  
66.    If you know you are driving to your death –would you still drive so fast?
67.    Injury gives your tears whereas safety cheers.
68.    It’s cool to be safe!.
69.    It’s wise to be slow while driving.
70.    Keep you informed with road safety norms.
71.    Keep your eyes on the road even in the lack of crowd.
72.    Know road safety, No injury. No road safety, Know injury.
73.    Leave sooner, drive slower, and live longer.
74.    Life don’t have Reset button. Drive safe.
75.    Look every way every day!
76.    Make every move a safe one.
77.    Make safety as your first priority.
78.    Mountains are pleasure if you drive with leisure
79.    Never drink while driving.
80.    Night doubles traffic troubles.
81.    No safety no happy family.
82.    Normal speed meets every need.
83.    Normal speed meets the road safety needs.
84.    Obey traffic police; follow traffic rules to avoid accidents.
85.    Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.
86.    Reckless driving just may be your ticket to some place out of this world!
87.    Remember it just, road safety is must.
88.    Remember safety!
89.    Road safety is a cheaper & effective insurance.
90.    Road safety is a state of mind; accident is an absence of mind.
91.    Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of safety
92.    Roads are made to drive but not to fly.
93.    Safe Driving, Saves Lives.
94.    Safety at home, Safety at work. Two simple ways, NOT to get hurt.
95.    Safety first & safety always.
96.    Safety has no time out!!!
97.    Safety in, We will win.
98.    Safety is a state of mind.
99.    Safety is as safety does.
100.Safety is endless.
101.Safety is no accident.
102.Safety is not automatic, think about it.
103.Safety is your family insurance.
104.Safety starts with “S”, begins with “You”
105.Safety, it’s my job.
106.Safety: It’s the tool for LIFE
107.Say no to carelessness!.
108.Seek safety – Follow safety.
109.Shining Bright Lights at each other is not Road Safety.
110.Shortcuts cut life short.
111.Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you.
112.Speed has 5 letters so has death… Slow has 4 letters so has life.
113.Speed thrills but kills!
114.Stay alert don’t get hurt.
115.Stay Alive – Think and Drive.
116.Stay safe.
117.Stop accidents before they stop you!!
118.Stop driving fast before accident stop you.
119.Take safety seriously.
120.Take steps to make your life safer.
121.Teach your neighbor to be a good driver.
122.The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.
123.The best drivers are aware that they must be beware
124.The safe way is the best way.
125.There is no substitute for safety.
126.Think about safety first then drive.
127.To avoid death, use seat belt!
128.Walk safely please.
129.While driving avoid phone or else your family will be left alone
130.Wrong driving may stop your breathe and cause death!
131.You can’t get home, unless you’re safe.
132.Your destination is reward for safe driving.
133.Your life is in your hands.
134.Your little care while driving can make accidents rare.


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