15 August 2016

Another woman poem - model practice slip test for class 10 English

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Read the poem carefully.
This morning she bought green 'methi' in the market,
choosing the freshest bunch;
picked up a white radish,
imagined the crunch it would make between her teeth,
the sweet sharp taste,
then put it aside,
thinking it an extravagance,
counted her coins out carefully,
tied them,
a small bundle into her sari at the waist;
came home,
faced her mother-in-law's dark looks,
took the leaves and chopped them,
her hands stained yellow from the juice;
cut an onion,
fine and cooked
the whole thing in the pot over the stove,
shielding her face from the heat.

The usual words came and beat
their wings against her:
the money spent,
curses heaped upon her parents,
who had sent her out to darken other people's doors.
 Choose the correct answer from the options given and write in your answer script.
1.       Why is the title ‘Another woman’?                                                                      (             )
a.       She shielded her face from the heat
b.      The hands were stained
c.       It happened to her neighbor
d.      We consider such things never happened to any woman
2.       What were the usual words of her mother-in-law?                                                 (             )
a.       Usual words of scolding
b.      Appraisals of her parents
c.       Usual words of praising
d.      All the above
3.       Why was the radish not purchased?                                                                     (             )
a.       As it would make some crunch
b.      As it was not the seasonal vegetable
c.       As it was not needed
d.      As she thought of additional expense
4.       What made the poet to compare her mother-in-law’s look as dark?                        (             )
a.       As she was dark skinned
b.      As the relation was broken
c.       As she was a fair woman
d.      As she likes the woman
Now answer the following questions in two or three sentences.
5.       What kind of a mother-in-law was she?
6.       Who do work in kitchen chores at your home? Why?
7.       What do you suggest to improve women life?

To download the test click the link given below 


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