July 02, 2016

64 possible comprehension questions from 'The snake and the Mirror'

The Snake and the Mirror

'The snake and the Mirror'

64 possible comprehension questions 

It is to build confidence among the children that they could write themselves. Hence many simple questions were given among the twenty five. Once they could get such kind of confidence then it is easy to make them to face any type of question. Let's make them practice from class 9 to make them to face their future examinations. To download the set of 25 questions click the link given below.


1.      “Has a snake ever coiled itself round any part of your body?” Who asked this question?

2.      How was the weather on that day?

3.      What was the time mentioned in the passage?

4.      Where did he have his meal?

5.      Why did he have his meal at a restaurant?

6.      What did he do when he finished his meal?

7.      Why was it hot on that day?

8.      Where did the sound come from?

9.      When did he hear the sound for the first time?

10.  Who heard the noise from the above?

11.  Why do you think the sound was familiar to him?

12.  “One could say the rats and I shared the room.” What does it mean?

13.  What did he light?

14.  Why did he light the lamp?

15.  Where was the lamp?

16.  What was the narrator?

17.  How were his earnings?

18.  What had he started?

19.  Where did he have his money?

20.  How much money did he have?

21.  What were his possessions?

22.  What did he do when he entered the room?

23.  Describe the room which the homeopath rented?

24.  How many windows were there in the room?

25.  What was the traffic mentioned about?

26.  Why couldn’t he sleep when he made his bed?

27.  Why did he go out to the veranda?

28.  What was the book mentioned in the passage?

29.  What were the things around the table?

30.  What do you do when there is a mirror?

31.  What were the important decisions?

32.  Which decision made you laugh?

33.  Why did he want to marry a fat woman?

34.  There were no more sounds from above. Why?

35.  What made the dull thud sound?

36.  Where did the snake land?

37.  What did the snake do when it landed?

38.  They were simultaneous. What were they?

39.  Why did the doctor net jump and trumble when the snake landed on him?

40.  Where did the snake coil?

41.  How far was the hood from his face?

42.  Why do you think he held his breath?

43.  Why was he turned into a stone?

44.  What was active?

45.  Who do you think the “Creator” mentioned in the passages?

46.  Why did he feel pain in his left arm?

47.  How was the pain?

48.  What might have happened if the doctor moved a little?

49.  “Death lurked four inches away.” What does ‘Death’ refer to?

50.  Why do you think the snake turned its head?

51.  Why do you think the snake unwound itself?

52.  Why do you think the snake crept on to the table?

53.  How did the doctor go out at the end?

54.  Did the doctor marry to a fat woman?

55.  What kind of a person was the doctor’s wife?

56.  Who do you think “life companion”?

57.  Where did the doctor run to on that day?

58.  When did he return to his room?

59.  What happened the next day?

60.  What was insult for the doctor?

61.  Who insulted him?

62.  Why do you think the thief had left behind the vest?

63.  Why did the snake enter the room?

64.  Is the story humorous?


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