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07 May 2016


A description is something that tells you what, who, how something or someone is like (చిత్రణ, వర్ణన లేదా వివరణ)
                There are different kinds of descriptions.Title is a common feature of the description.  Let’s have a look into some descriptions.
A.      Description of a person(వ్యక్తి)
B.      Description of a place (స్థలం)
C.      Description of an object/animal (వస్తువు/జంతువు)
D.      Description of an event (సంఘటించే పని)
E.       Description of a process (క్రమము లేదా పద్దతి)
A.      Description of a person (వ్యక్తి):
In description of a person we describe the details such as who and what the person is, the physical appearance, character, societal status, personal impressions, achievements, style of behavior, facial complexion etc. (ఒక వ్యక్తి గురించి అతను ఎవరు, శారీర ఆక్రుతి, సాంఘిక హోదా, గుర్తింపు, సాధించిన విజయాలు, ప్రవర్తనా రీతులు, ముఖవర్చస్సు మొదలైనవి వర్ణస్తూ రాస్తాము)
Physical appearance:
When describing physical appearance you should give details in the following order:

A. height / build / age
B. facial features
C. hair
D. clothes

Height / build /age:
Height of people:short, medium height,tall, small (children)
Build of people: thin, slim, well-built (muscular), plump, overweight, crooked etc.
Age of people: young(child, teenager), middle – aged, old
Facial features:
Face: round, oval, square etc.
Eyes: slanting, almond – shaped
Nose: crooked, upturned, and curved
Lips: thin, full, pink
Complexion: tanned,pale, wrinkled, and freckled,
Types of faces:Faces: round, oval, diamond and square.
Hair:Short curly brown hair or straight long blond hair
Haircuts and styles: parting, in a ponytail, spikey, bobbed
Clothes&special features: elegant, formal, casual
Character (personality):While describing character and behaviour we may use:reserved, verbose, aggressive, sensitive, rude, fresh, elegant, cool, sarcastic etc.

E.g. 1.
Shravankumar is a tall slim man. He has got an oval face, black eyes and an upturned nose. He wears a bowler hat under that his long curly hair parted slightly to the left.  He has got blue eyes with a lovely look in them. He wears always smile on his face. I‘ve never seen him angry. In everyday life he is often casually dressed in a pair of trousers and T-shirt. He is aggressive sometimes but looks very cool many times. You will be happy with him while speaking to him. He is a well-mannered person.
B.      Description of a place (స్థలం):
While describing a place concentrate on the images, sensory perceptions, location etc. (స్థలం గురించి వర్ణించునపుడు దానిని కళ్ళకు కట్టినట్టుగా images వాడుతూ రాయాలి.)
This city is well known for …
The views are …
It’s got…
The atmosphere is …
You can see…
You shouldn’t miss …
It’s located in …
It’s close to…
It’s far away from …
What I don’t like about it is …
The good thing about this place is …
A popular tourist attraction is …
It’s popular with tourists because…
                E.g. 1.
Warangal is the well-known city for the bravery of Kakatiya dynasty. It’s not far away from Hyderabad, just 120 kilometers. The views are Fort Warangal which is called as Ekashilanagar as it consist of a solitary rocky mountain along with a temple and a small lake on it. One shouldn’t miss the Thousand Pillars Temple, Musical Garden, Ramappa Temple and the Lake in Palampet. The good thing about this place is the people of this city are really worm hearted.
E.g. 2.
He stood on the grass verge by the side of the road and looked over the garden wall at the old house. It hadn’t changed much. The old house built with solid blocks of granite wasn’t altered at all. But there was a new outhouse, and there were fewer trees. He was glad to see that the jackfruit tree still stood at the side of the building casting its shade on the wall. He remembered his grandmother saying: “A blessing rests on the house where the shadow of a tree falls. And so the present owners must also be receiving the tree’s blessings. At the spot where he stood there had once been a turnstile, and as a boy he would wing on it, going round and round until he was quite dizzy. Now the turnstile had gone, the opening walled up. Tall hollyhocks grew on the other side of the wall.

C.      Description of an object/animal (వస్తువు/జంతువు):
In description of an object we describe where it is, how it looks like (shape, size, colour), what it is used for etc. (వస్తువును గురించి వర్ణించునపుడు ఆ వస్తువు ఎక్కడ వుంది, దాని రంగు, ఆకారం, దేనికొరకు దానిని ఉపయోగిస్తామో రాయాలి)
It’s a beautiful bureau having four little lion hind legs to bear the burden, painted grey and silver combination. The entire bureau is made up of the original teak wood which was taken from the local forest. It brings beauty to my hall in the centre occupying exactly 5x5 square shaped area, on the top with some beautiful designs drawn. Between the top and the legs some designed shelves, some colourful sketches here and there. Everyone who witnesses my bureau asks for the information where and how I bring it to home.
D.     Description of an event (సంఘటించే పని):
Use details of that event such as what the event is, where it is taking place, the persons or things involved, the order of events to describe an event. (ఎక్కడ జరుగుతుంది, ఎవరెవరు పాల్పంచుకుంటారు మొదలగునవి వరుస క్రమంలో రాయాలి) (Helping words: first, then, next, after that, finally and time indicators)
Observing Children’s Day
                It’s really enthusiastic to observe the Children’s Day Celebrations in the school on 14th of November of every year. It’s also called the Self Governance Day in schools as children themselves run the school acting as teachers and other staff of the school. First the children who participate as teachers and other officers come to school in colours according to their positions. Then the real teachers just observe the event that is going on and supports the children whenever necessary. After that there will be a meeting recollecting the greatness of the first Prime Minister of India with songs, speeches and other cultural activities in the presence of the first citizen of the village and the villages. Finally by prize distribution with sweets, ends the event with National Anthem.

E.      Description of process (క్రమము లేదా పద్దతి):
While describing a process the sequence of the process is important and the details to be involved. (వరుసక్రమాన్నిరాయాలి) (Helping words: first, then, next, after that, finally)

Banana milk shake
If you love to make your loved ones to taste the Banana milk shake prepared by you, it’s simple, just follow the process. First take the banana peel and slice them into a bowl. Then pour the slices into the mixer grinder jar. Next add some ice and yogurt to the slices in the jar. After that run the juicer for some time until it gets smoother. Finally pour it into a glass and then add some tiny pieces of different dry fruits.  That’s all the Banana milk shake is ready.

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