07 May 2016

Diary Writing

It’s a kind of self-expression. It is used to write personal experiences usually in a separate book. Now-a-days many publishers are trying to make it different from one another. But there are some common features of the diary as day, date, salutation and signature. There mustn’t write the routine works. Writing the diary usually takes place in the night before bed.A diary must be put in a box. Draw some designs to the box if possible. It is written in first person.(దీనిని దినచర్య అని పిలుస్తాము. ఇందులో ఆ దినం జరిగిన ముఖ్యాంశాలు అనగా మన వ్యక్తిగత భావనలు రాసుకుంటాము. దీని చుట్టు ఒక అందమైన బార్డర్ గీయడం మరువరాదు.)
Common format for the diary:
Date                                                                                                                                      Year
Dear diary,
                                                                         Body of the diary
Useful phrases or sentences:
I am really so happy today that ….
It was really amazing to observe …….
It’s actually cruel to behave like that ….
I am so sorry today for what I have done …
It’s really shocking to me that ……
I never believe that it would happen in my life ….
I am very thankful to ………….
It was the wonderful day in my life ….
It mustn’t happen again that ….
I never expected to be like this but the fate made me ….

E.g. 1.
12th of November                                                                                                                            2014
My dear Diary,
                It’s really happened to day. I am so happy for what I got today as a gift from my parents on my birth day. It is the Carl Davison Motor Cycle from The US. I asked my parent to buy a bike. But it is amazing to me that they provided the world’s famous one. I love my parents. It’s not for the bike but every bit of love that they shower on me that I think no parent on this beautiful earth like my parents. It might be my father’s choice.
I still cannot believe that it happened on my birth day. Thank you Mom and Papa.
E.g. 2.
13th November                                                                                                                                2014
Dear Diary,
                Amazing!! There happened it today in my school. For many year I have been waiting to participate in the celebrations of Self Government Day on the auspicious day Children’s day. Finally I am selected as one of the teacher participant tomorrow to teach class 6 and the subject is my favorite English.  I prepared some teaching learning material to teach tomorrow with the help of my teacher of English. Thank you sir.
                Still I can’t believe that things have been changed. I hope I’ll be successful teacher.
E.g. 3
3rd January                                                                                                                         2014
Dear Diary,
                It’s really unforgettable thing that happened today in the morning. While I was returning home from school.  I saw an old woman who is trying to cross the road at the traffic signals. As her old age she was unable to cross the road as fast as others do. While she was crossing the road it happened. A drunken idiot knocked her out and went away. The old woman screamed. I was terrified with that.
                Luckily she was safe but injured a little. The traffic police officer said that it was recorded by the CC cameras at the junction.
                Thank God. She is safe.

E.g. 4
15th April                                                                                                                              2014
Dear Diary,
                Today I am so happy at the same time I felt nervous. Because I have success fully completed my SSC Examinations. But I miss my friends. The school life ends today. I have some kind of emotion for all our future. How it would be? Whether my friends follow me in the next years or they choose anything different to me. I have been with these friends since I was in class 2.
                When I joined the school Rachana comforted me with her nice friendship. I never forget the beauty of this greenery school and the teachers always lending their helping hand to the children.
                Still I have not believed that my school life has been completed. I love to continue all my friend after the school and I feel until the end of my life.

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