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05 December 2014


                There are different styles writing an essay. i.e., descriptive, explanatory, illustrative, analytical argumentative, evaluative, interpretative and more.
a.       Introduction: There must begin the essay with some introduction which leads to the main essay.
b.      Argumentation: The actual essay where one could explain or give his argumentation towards the theme of the essay.
c.       Conclusion: The conclusion is the end of an essay which ends with some conclusion of the theme of the essay.
E.g. 1
        Part time employment for students is a highly speculated and interesting topic. I feel every student should have a part time job in high school. To begin with it allows students to earn a type of income. Secondly it gives students a sense of independence to be out in the work force. Finally I feel it would be a good idea to earn work experience which will better their chances of getting a decent job in the future.
        As a teenager, having money at my disposal is very important and also required to have a social life. This comes into effect if I would like to go to a movie or out to dinner with a friend. Without money, in our society, we are very limited to the activities we can pursue. Furthermore, if I wish to have a certain type of clothing, my parents will only pay so much. If I wish to purchase a more expensive brand, it must come out of my pocket. Thus, in order to fit the student’s needs without the parents having to pay, a part time job is an ideal resource.
        Along with the material items you receive from money, you also are being self-sufficient, which is a satisfying feeling. Having our own job helps us to feel and experience maturity and learn valuable lessons along the way. If we have a commitment to keep, if we don’t want to let ourselves and our employers down, we must stay true to our work. Furthermore, we are not reliant on our parents for everything we would need our like. This aspect not only teaches responsibility but the feeling of accomplishment we got cannot be beat.
        Finally, apart from a fiscal viewpoint, we are receiving valuable work experience. This will be great to put on a resume, and employers seek it. For example, two people righty out of University with the same credentials and qualifications as you could be fighting for a job. If you have more work experience, you will most likely to get the position. Plus you now know what you like about jobs, how to handle yourself and developing people skills.
        Many teenagers today can definitely benefit from the aspects of a job. Whether or not they enjoy the job is irrelevant, but I feel the positives they can receive from it are infinite. I also feel more teens should soon begin to consider this as an option, not only for their immediate benefit but to assist in their future hopes.
E.g. 2
Cellphones necessary in teenagers’ lives
                Yes cellphones are necessary in teenagers’ lives. They are necessary because there are many advantages for having a cellphone. Without cellphones, teenagers wouldn’t be able to communicate easy with their family, peers and in emergency situations.
                Cellphones are necessary in teenagers’ lives because, it is an easy way of contacting your family. It you have to stay at college longer for a specific reasons or your family is looking for you and you are out. Cellphones make it easy to communicate. Without cellphones, your family would be worried sick, they wouldn’t know exactly where you are, and how much longer you would be. With cellphones, they could contact you right away, without having to worries about anything.
                Cellphones are also necessary for teenagers to contact each other. That is necessary because it is important to talk with your peers, and find out if you have any homework. It is also important to contact you peers because, it is good to go out and get fresh air and exercise, instead of staying home and playing video games and going on the computer. Cellphones make it easier to contact one another, to make plans.
                Another reason why cellphones are necessary in teenagers’ lives is for emergency reason. If you are alone and walking somewhere, and suddenly have been attacked or have an allergic reaction or have fallen down and broken something, it would be life threatening, not having a cellphone. If you don’t have a cellphone you couldn’t call for help and could be at risk.
                So that is why it is essential for teenagers’ to have cellphones, because without them, it would be very difficult to enjoy life, and it could even be a short life, if something bad happens and you don’t have a phone.
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