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03 November 2013

Using right form of the word

Fill in each blank with the right form of the underlined word.

1.      The death of the scientist is a mystery. The CBI is investigating the _______________ case.
2.      The man was very handsome. He always boasted of his ____________________
3.      The poet compares music to light swirling snow. His ________________ is very apt.
4.      Forests produce food and wood. We have to increase the forest _____________________
5.      We are grateful to our teachers. We respect them with ____________________
6.      Gandhiji led a simple life. His ________________ added to his greatness.
7.      He talks too much. He is a very _______________ person.
8.      He wants to leave urgently but his principal does not seem to understand the __________
9.      He will inform you as soon as we get the ___________
10. Thousands of pilgrims go on __________________ to Sabarimala every year.
11. The _________________ of books at hotel Sarovar will continue until next Friday.(exhibit)
12. I don’t doubt his honesty but I am ______________ of his ability.
13. Please don’t compare the brothers. There is no __________________ between them.
14. You should apologize to him. Write a letter of _________________ at once.
15. He behaved badly with everybody he was sent out off the school for his bad _____________
16. The beggar was very hungry. His __________ drove him to steal food from the hotel.
17. Please permit me to go early, we need your written _________________________
18. The whole atmosphere in the village was filled with smoke. Most houses had dark and ____________ rooms.
19. The factories do not produce enough sugar their _________________ has gone down very much in recent years.
20. The servant was faithful, he _______________ carried out his master’s orders.

(1.   mysterious 2. handsomness 3. comparison 4.  productivity 5. gratefulness      6. simplicity 7. talkative 8. urgency 9. information 10. pilgrimage 11. exhibition 12. doubtless 13. comparison 14. apology 15. behavior 16. hunger                  17. permission 18. smoky 19. production 20. faithfully)

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