04 November 2020

I WILL DO IT - 20 important Questions and Answers


1.     1.     What do Murthy’s seniors ask him to do?

Murthy’s seniors would ask him to solve their difficulties in Science subject.

2.     He could have gone unnoticed in a crowd. Why?

He could have gone unnoticed in a crowd because he was short.

3.     There was a spark in his eyes. When and why?

When someone asked Murthy a question related to Physics or Maths, there was a spark in his eyes as he was very much aware of it and interested in these two subjects.

4.     How fast could he grasp the theories of science?

According to the passage Murthy could grasp the theories of science faster than the speed of light.

5.     He prepared for an entrance test. What was it?

Murthy prepared for an entrance test to get admission into IIT.

6.     What is the ultimate aim of a bright student?

The ultimate aim of a student will be decided by the student himself/herself. But according to this passage the ultimate aim of a bright student is studying at an IIT.

7.     Expand IIT and IT.

IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology and IT stands for Information Technology.

8.     If your father rejects you to join in a college you like after your class 10, what will you do?

If my father rejects me to join in a college that I like after my class 10, I accept him. Because he is the only source of earning for my family and I have to understand as a son.

9.     Narayana Murthy is a bright student. Do you agree? Find some supporting statements from the passage.

Yes, I do agree that Narayana Murthy is a bright student. There were evidences in the text. He cleared the doubts of his seniors and he had learnt the theories of science faster than the speed of the light.

10.What kind of a student are you? What’s your ultimate aim?

I think I am ………………………………… (a bright/an average/a dull) student. My ultimate aim is to become ………………..

11.Is it really difficult for his father to send Murthy to IIT? Why?

Yes, it is really difficult for Murthy’s father to send him to IIT as he had more responsibilities on his shoulder and he was the only earning source for their family.

12.He had to tell the bitter truth to his son. Who was the father? Who was the son? What was the truth?

Murthy and his father were the two persons. The truth was that his father was unable to bear the expenses at IIT and was not ready to join Murthy in IIT college though he had got a high rank.

13.His heart sank in sorrow. Whose heart sank in sorrow? Why?

Murthy’s heart sank in sorrow. Because he was obstructed to fulfill his dreams to study in an IIT college.

14.Are you an introvert or an extravert? How do you say?

I am an extravert because I would always share my feelings and emotions with others like parents and friends.


I am an introvert because I wouldn’t share my feelings and emotions with any others.

15.He did not reply his father. Why?

Murthy didn’t reply his father because he had understood the situation that his father was unable to bear his expenses at IIT. And also Murthy was an introvert.

16.Why did Murthy go to railway station?

Murthy went to railway station to say goodbye and good luck to his friends who were going to join IIT to pursue their higher education.

17.Who is a philanthropist?

A philanthropist is one who devotes his service or wealth for the love of mankind. Here in this lesson Murthy is a philanthropist.

18.What do you learn from Murthy’s life?

I have learnt that obstacles are common in life. One has to overcome and win the life with discipline, dedication and determination.

19.‘Your best friend is yourself and your worst enemy is yourself.’ How?

Yes, when you think positively, it will lead to good deeds and results. Thus, you yourself will become your best friend. When you think negatively, it will lead to bad deeds and results. Thus, you yourself will become your worst enemy.

20.What do you think the reason behind Murthy’s success despite facing difficulties?

The three qualities of Murthy made him successful despite having difficulties in his life. They are discipline, dedication and determination.


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