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28 November 2020

10th Class THE NEVER NEVER NEST 26 important questions and answers

 The Never Never Nest

1.        Name the four characters involved in?

         The character involved in the play, The Never Never Nest, are …..

i.             Aunt Jane

ii.            Jack

iii.          Jill and

iv.          Nurse

2.        What is the setting of the one act play - The Never Never Nest?

         The setting of the one act paly – The Never Never Nest – is the villa of Jack and Jill

3.        What is shown to Aunt Jane?

4.        The complete villa of Jack and Jill is shown to Aunt Jane when she visits them. They have shown her every nook and corner of the villa.

5.        Why do you think Aunt Jane said "charming charming"?

         Initially Aunt Jane is happy with the villa of Jack and Jill. When they show her their villa, she says so to praise them.

6.        Aunt Jane: Oh, have you got a radiogram as well as a car and a piano? - What is the tone of the dialogue?

         The tone of the speaker is a little surprise or amusement.

7.        How does Jill use the radiogram?

         Jill uses the radiogram to listen to it when she cooks in the kitchen and also listens to it when Jack is out for his business.

8.        Why does Jack think that Aunt Jane is tired?

         Yes, Jack thinks that she is tired of seeing everything in their villa. Hence, he asks her to sit down for a while.

9.        What is the little nest?

         The little nest in the one act play is the house of Jack and Jill.

10.     Why was Aunt Jane worried?

         When Jack says that they owe everything to Aunt Jane, she worries how they get them all. And she sarcastically enquires about the cheque.

11.     How does Jack and Jill get their house?

         Jack and Jill are habituated to lead a luxurious life with the help of instalment system. Thus, they have got their house too.

12.     What do you think of having own house for your family?

         Yes, of course, every one must have a house for their family. Similarly, I too expect to have an own house for our family but not in installments.

13.     Jack says that Aunt Jane misunderstood them. Why?

         Jack feels that it is their own house even they buy it in instalments. But Aunt Jane asks about cost of the rent. Then Jack says that Aunt Jane misunderstood them.

14.     Aunt Jane: YOURS? What is the tone of this expression?

         It is the surprise of amusement tone.

15.     Why was Aunt Jane surprised?

         She knows the financial position of Jack and Jill. But they say that it’s their own house not for rent. She surprises that how they can manage to buy such a house with little earnings.

16.     Why do you think Aunt Jane doesn't sit in the chair?

         She has never owed a penny in her life – cash down is her motto. But the chair is not owned by Jack and Jill. So, she doesn’t sit in the chair.

17.     Why does Aunt Jane go on foot for bus not in the car?

         She doesn’t like the way of leading life of Jack and Jill and she knows that the car isn’t theirs. Hence, she goes on foot for bus.

18.     Why do you think Aunt Jane gave another cheque?

         Aunt Jane is not happy with the uneconomic life of Jack and Jill. She wants to help them.

19.     Why does jack feel tartar?

         As Aunt Jane expressed her dissatisfaction towards their uneconomic way of life, Jack feels tartar.

20.     What does Jack think for paying with the 10 pounds cheque?

         Jack wants to pay off installments of the next two months of the car with the 10 pounds cheque.

21.     What does Jill do with 10 pounds cheque?

         Jill wants to pay the doctor with the 10 pounds cheque. Because she may have changed her attitude to get her own child at least.

22.     Why do you think the nurse there in their house?

         Jack and Jill have been habituated to the luxurious life in an uneconomic way. Thus, they engage a nurse to nurture their baby.

23.     Why do they pay the doctor?

         As Jill has changed her attitude, she pays the doctor to get the child at least her own. She convinces Jack.

24.     Do you like the way Jack and Jill live? Why?

         No, I don’t like the way they live. The installment system may be helpful for some extent. But they have depended on the system for their entire living.

25.     What would you have done with the 10 pounds if you were Jack or Jill?

         If I were Jack or Jill, I definitely pay the doctor with the 10 pounds.

26.     Prepare a poster on the ill effects of installment life.



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