10 September 2018

Rendezvous with Ray - comprehension questions


          Here is a set of 62 comprehension questions to comprehend the text better. These are the simple questions. If the child able to answer these with the help of the book he/she will get confidence to answer any questions from this topic we suppose. To download the pdf file click the link given after the questions.

Comprehension Questions from “Rendezvous with Ray’
1.       Whose friendship was considered as unique friendship?
2.       Why their friendship was considered unique?
3.       When did Roberge come to India first time?
4.       What is a trilogy?
5.       How was Roberge acquainted with the works of Satyajith Ray?
6.       Why did Roberge see three films in one sitting?
7.       Name the book written by Roberge.
8.       Who published it?
9.       How was Roberge’s analysis of Ray’s works?
10.   Find the word that means ‘a halt in a long journey.’
11.   What was compared with portal?
12.   How did Roberge know about Bengal.
13.   What is ‘Frontline?’
14.   Who wrote ‘La Nuit Bengalie?’
15.   What is ‘Reader’s Digest?’
16.   Name the title of the article written on poverty in ‘Reader’s Digest.’
17.   What haunted Roberge?
18.   What was fortunate for him according to the passage?
19.   What was the accusation of Ray’s detractors?
20.   Why did Roberge not endorse the accusation?
21.   What do you think of material poverty?
22.   What do you think of spiritual poverty?
23.   Why did Roberge take 9 years to meet Ray in person?
24.   How is Calcutta called now?
25.   How long their friendship lasted?
26.   When was Ray died?
27.   Who was Manikda?
28.   Who called him Manikda?
29.   What kind of a person was Ray?
30.   What was their habit on Sundays?
31.   Why was it an unspoken arrangement between the two?
32.   How do you understand the phrase ‘the friendship had cemented?’
33.   Why do you think Ray did not speak about his own films?
34.   How were Ray’s manuscripts compared?
35.   What are manuscripts?
36.   How were Ray’s screenplay manuscripts art by themselves?
37.   What happened on a Sunday?
38.   Why was Ray in disturbed mood?
39.   Who do you think stole the Charulatha screenplay?
40.   Did Ray know who the culprit was?
41.   Why did Ray not take any action against the culprit?
42.   What are the last three major prose of Tagore?
43.   Name the last three films of Ray?
44.   How did some critics see the last three films?
45.   Why did Satyajith Ray feel hurt?
46.   How did his earlier films and last films considered?
47.   How do you understand the saying ‘No one is a prophet in one’s own country’?
(No one is a prophet in one’s own country means that it is very difficult for people who know us closely to acknowledge our greatness.)
48.   Who is an agnostic?
49.   Who is compared as agnostic in this passage?
50.   When did the two friends meet last time?
51.   Why was it true to habit?
52.   Why do you think the writer did not say long there?
53.   What does the phrase ‘Bhalo laglo’ mean?
54.   What are the last words of Ray to Roberge?
55.   What was the fallout of their friendship?
56.   What was Chitrabani?
57.   Who founded Chitrabani?
58.   When was Chitrabani founded?
59.   Who was co-founder for Chitrabani?
60.   Who arranged funds for Chitrabani?
61.   Where did he get the finds from?
62.   How did Chitrabani become breeding ground for local talent?
63.   What is meant by analogy?
64.   What is the analogy do you find in Rays’s last three films?
65.   What is Tagore’s immortal dictum?

66.   How was Tagore’s immortal dictum presented in Ray’s pictures?


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