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23 June 2015

A slip test on "Attitude is Altitude" from Unit I for class X

Name: …………………………….. Class: X    English     Roll No: ……………………
1.       What would happen if Nick’s parents were not there to look after him?                                   (            )
a.       He would become a world famous motivational speaker.
b.      He would become a world famous surfing master.
c.       He would become an unknown person to the world.
d.      He would become a world famous golfer.
2.       How does his chicken drumstick (foot) help him?                                                                    (            )
a.       It helps him to balance
b.      It helps him to kick
c.       It helps him to write
d.      It helps him to pick things up and all the above
3.       Having born with no legs and arms is medically called …….                                                   (            )
a.       Pneumonia
b.      Philomena
c.       Disability
d.      Phocomelia
4.       What was Nick’s friend, Steve Appel?                                                                                   (              )
a.       motivational speaker
b.      actor
c.       journalist
d.      publicist
5.       What was the best decision taken by Nick’s parents?                                                             (              )
a.       a decision to send him to a mainstream school
b.      a decision to send him to a special school
c.       a decision that not to send him to a regular school
d.      a decision that not to send him to a mainstream school
6.       What was the risk for sending Nick to a mainstream school?                                                   (             )
a.       risk  while writing
b.      risk of playing games and sports
c.       risk of bullying and teasing
d.      risk of teachers
7.       How did Nick feel when he was depressed at eight?                                                                (              )
a.       he went to his mum told that he was not happy
b.      he went to his mum told that he did not go to school
c.       he went to his mum told that he wanted to commit suicide
d.      he went to his mum told that he wanted to join special school
8.       How does Nick become independent?                                                                                  (              )
a.       with the help of parents
b.      with the help of education
c.       with the help of religion
d.      all the above
9.       Who invented the special plastic device?                                                                                (              )

a.       his mum
b.      his father
c.       his teacher
d.      Steve Appel

10.   How does Nick play golf?                                                                                                      (                 )
a.       with a club in hands
b.      with a club in between his toes
c.       with a club holding with his small foot
d.      with a club tucked under his chin
11.   Nick realized that …                                                                                                            (                )
a.       why god made him like that
b.      why not god made him like others
c.       why not god give him arms and legs
d.      why god made him to learn foot ball
12.   What was Nick’s opinion on challenges?                                                                              (                )
a.       they are to weaken our convictions
b.      they are to strengthen our convictions
c.       they are here to run us over
d.      they are here to make us wealthy
13.   How did Nick learn surfing quickly and good balancing on waves?                                   (                )
a.       as he was brilliant
b.      as he was sharp and intelligent
c.       as he has arms and legs
d.      as he has a very low centre of gravity
14.   Why was Nick thankful to the god?                                                                                         (                )
a.       for what he had not
b.      for what he had
c.       for what he didn’t know
d.      for what he has to know
15.   What was the thing that inspired Nick?                                                                                  (                )
a.       Bethany Hamilton, who is a surfing master
b.      Steve Appel his friend and publicist
c.       a news paper article on a disabled man
d.      His teachers and class mates
16.   Nick Vujicic is a huge fan of ……………………….                                                         (                )
a.       the English Cricket League
b.      the English Premier League
c.       the English Hockey League
d.      the English Golf League
17.   “I’d be lost without it” said Nick. What does ‘it’ refer to?                                             (               )
a.       his family
b.      his small foot
c.       his team to take care of him
d.      his religion and friends
18.   Pick out the sentence that has not contained a contraction.                                        (               )
a.       He’s very modest.
b.      It’s important to attend the school regularly.
c.       Nick’s parents are really good enough to look after him.
d.      Nick’s a small foot on his left hip.

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