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05 December 2014


Interview is a meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job or a course or asks questions about yourself for a newspaper article, television show etc. (Interview కూడా ఒకరకమైన conversation. ఇందులో మిమ్మల్ని ప్రశ్నలడుగుతారు మీరు సమాధానం చెప్పాలి.)
E.g. 1 An interview for a job selection.
Rohan: Good morning Sir.
Officer: Good morning. Please sit down, Mr. Rohan. Well! I
am Swadesh the Managing Director.
Rohan: So glad to meet you Sir.
Officer: Good to meet you too. Your CV is very impressive. You have done well in your academics and have got through with flying colours!
Rohan: Thank you very much Sir.
Officer: Well! Bright students like you generally proceed to foreign
universities for higher studies. How come you didn't opt for it?
Rohan: First of all, my parents couldn't afford it. Secondly, I didn’t want to as I believe Indian institutions offer quality
education and it depends on the students to make the best use of it.
Officer: Well! You have done B.E. in
Computer Engineering and have proceeded to do MBA and specialised in marketing instead of doing Masters in the same under graduation subject. Is there any particular reason for it?
Rohan: Well! I felt a
technical degree along with Master in marketing would help me move upwards in my career.
Officer: That is good thinking! Certainly that's why you are here for this interview. We are looking for fresher with such an educational combination to take on as trainees.
Rohan: Thank you very much Sir. Well! May I know how long the
training will be?
Training will be for six months. Initially it will be held in Mumbai. Later, trainees will be shifted to the regional offices for on-the-job training for another six months. Afterwards they will be placed in anyone of the regional offices.
Rohan: Is there any exam to be passed at the end of the
training sir?
Officer: No. No exam as such. But you will be assessed for your performance through the entire
training period.
Rohan: Sir, when will I get to know the result of this interview?
Officer: Say, within two weeks. You see, we have scheduled a number of interviews for this week. You have a bright chance Mr. Rohan. Best of luck!
Rohan: Thank you very much Sir. You're very kind.
Officer: You're welcome!
E.g. 2 An interview in the classroom.
Interview by a teacher to know the reasons for absent to school:

Children: Good morning sir.
Teacher: Very good morning children. How are you?
Children: We are fine sir. How are you?
Teacher: Feeling good today. Sit down.
Teacher: Let me have your attendance.
Teacher: Ramu
Ramu: Present sir!
Teacher: Nagaraj…
Nagaraj: Present Sir.
Teacher: Why were you absent for three days?
Nagaraj: I attended my sister's marriage.
Teacher: Why did you not send a leave letter?
Nagaraj: Because I was in a hurry to marriage.
Teacher: Where was the marriage held?
Nagaraj: It was held in Hyderabad.
Teacher: Who is the bridegroom?
Nagaraj: He is Santhosh, a software engineer in Google
Teacher: What about your sister?
Nagaraj: She a post graduate in English from Kakatiya University.
Teacher: When was the function over?
Nagaraj: The function was over at 12.30 p.m. the day before yesterday
Teacher: You could have attended the school yesterday.
Nagaraj: Sorry sir. I could not. Because I had to go with the couple.
Teacher: Hereafter I will punish you for not sending leave letter.
Nagaraj: Sir, I will not do so hereafter. Please excuse me.
Teacher: Ok. Sit down.
Nagaraj: Thank you sir.

E.g. 3 An interview by a police officer.
An interview by a police officer to know the robbery
Police: Were you around when the robbery happened?
You: Yes, I was.
Police: Could you explain what you have seen?
You: I was in the bank at the time of the robbery.
Police: What did you see?
You: I saw a man come in with a gun.
Police: Did you see his face?
You: No. He had a mask on.
Police: Did he come in with anyone else?
You: He came with a woman.
Police: Could you remember her?
You: I can’t, because she wore the monkey cap too.
Police: Can you tell me the about them.
You: Yes sir, they might be wife and husband as I understood by their talk while the robbery.
Police: How are they?
You: He was tall and lean to strong enough because he punched me.
Police: And she?
You: She was slender. And both they were in blue.
Police: Would you come down to the station for further questioning?
You: Yeah sure! That shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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