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05 December 2014


It is a real communication in general. It generally appears as a part of other discourses like stories, dramas, novels etc. But in many a time it is a casual talk on something among two or more persons or characters. It must be developed by using polite way of speaking. And sometimes impoliteness is excusable when the situation demands it but should not be too rude or fresh in nature. Conversations should be usually developed in three stages.
1.       Introduction
2.       Actual conversation or topic
3.       Leave taking
                Introduction is the initiation for a new conversation. One should start with greeting each other is a formal thing.
Useful phrases:
1.       Hello or Hi or Good morning or Excuse me etc.
2.       How are you?
3.       How about you?
4.       How do you do?
5.       What have you been up to?
6.       It’s been long time since we met how are you man?
7.       I’m fine thank you, how are you?
8.       I’m OK and you?
9.       Hey, ……… it’s good to see you, what are you doing here?
10.   What a pleasant surprise?
11.   It’s pleasure to meet to.
12.   It’s really happy to me to be with you again.
13.   Meet my friend …………………
14.   Pardon me! etc.
E.g. 1
Asking for directions
Srujana: Hi Shivani.
Shivani:  Hi Srujana.
Srujana: It’s long since we met. How are you?
Shivani: I’m fine thank you. What about you?
Srujana: I feel better. Thank you. Could you mind giving me some piece of information?
Shivani: It’s my pleasure, if I could. Tell me how can I help you?
Srujana: I’m looking for the new bus-stop. Can you tell me how to get there?
Shivani: Not certainly. But once I’ve gone through the way. Let me recall it.
                Yeah! I got it.
Srujana: Tell me.
Shivani: It’s a long way to new bus-stop I think. Do you know the old one?
Srujana: Yes. Of course.
Shivani: Then it’s easy to find the new one. Just go the old bus-stop. Walk a while on the Warangal high way until you reach a traffic signal corner. 
Srujana: Aaaaa! And then?
Shivani: Won’t you wait until I tell you?
Srujana: I beg your pardon.
Shivani: It’s OK. Then take a left turn and go till you reach the Diamond Restaurant. There you have to     
 take another turn to the immediate right. That’s all you could see the board of the new bus-stop.
Srujana: Thank you very much.
Shivani: You are welcome. Where are you going to?
Srujana: It’s my grandparent’s home town Koratla.
Shivani: When do you come back?
Srujana: Soon after I met my grandpa, I just return to home in the evening.
Shivani: Oho!
Srujana: I’ve to leave quickly otherwise it’d be late for me to return. Will meet you again, bye…
Shivani: Bye. Have a nice journey.
Srujana: Thank you. Bye…

E.g. 2 There happened an accident. Prabhas is enquiring someone to know what happened. Write some conversation between Prabhas and the other.

Prabhas: Excuse me sir.
Witness1: Yes. Please.
Prabhas: What happened?
Witness1: An accident
Prabhas: I am a reporter. Would you like to tell me that clearly what happened?
Witness1: While my friend and I were going to school ….
Prabhas: Who is your friend?
Witness1: Ramu. He is my best friend.
Prabhas: Aaaaaa then while you were going …..
Witness2: Excuse me sir …  I’ll tell you … that while we were going to school, we heard a shriek and suddenly we looked at that side where a bike was coming speed towards this side.
Witness1: And there a boy was having an ice-cream.
Witness2: We called out loudly that boy to look out.
Witness1: But unfortunately it was far away to us and the bike knocked him violently. The boy was injured
    seriously. And then we called for 108.
Witness2: They responded well and reached within a short time and take him to hospital.
Prabhas: What happened to that boy who was riding the bike?
Witness1: Nothing happened to him moreover he was drunk that a policeman had taken him to the
Prabhas: Thank you. I’ve to take some photographs and report it.

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