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28 November 2014

Description of person as an English Discourse with example by Harinath Vemula

A description is something that tells you what, who, how something or someone is like (చిత్రణ, వర్ణన లేదా వివరణ)
                There are different kinds of descriptions. Title is a common feature of the description.  Let’s have a look into some descriptions.
A.      Description of a person (వ్యక్తి)
B.      Description of a place (స్థలం)
C.      Description of an object/animal (వస్తువు/జంతువు)
D.      Description of an event (సంఘటించే పని)
E.       Description of a process (క్రమము లేదా పద్దతి)
A.      Description of a person (వ్యక్తి):
In description of a person we describe the details such as who and what the person is, the physical appearance, character, societal status, personal impressions, achievements, style of behavior, facial complexion etc. (ఒక వ్యక్తి గురించి అతను ఎవరు, శారీర ఆక్రుతి, సాంఘిక హోదా, గుర్తింపు, సాధించిన విజయాలు, ప్రవర్తనా రీతులు, ముఖవర్చస్సు మొదలైనవి వర్ణస్తూ రాస్తాము)  
Physical appearance:
When describing physical appearance you should give details in the following order:

A. height / build / age
B. facial features
C. hair
D. clothes

Height / build /age:
Height of people: short, medium height, tall, small (children)
Build of people: thin, slim, well-built (muscular), plump, overweight, crooked etc.
Age of people: young (child, teenager), middle – aged, old
Facial features:
Face: round, oval, square etc.
Eyes: slanting, almond – shaped
Nose: crooked, upturned, and curved
Lips: thin, full, pink
Complexion: tanned, pale, wrinkled, and freckled,
Types of faces: Faces: round, oval, diamond and square.
Hair: Short curly brown hair or straight long blond hair
Haircuts and styles:  parting, in a ponytail, spikey, bobbed
Clothes &special features:  elegant, formal, casual
Character (personality):  While describing character and behaviour we may use: reserved, verbose, aggressive, sensitive, rude, fresh, elegant, cool, sarcastic etc.

E.g. 1.
Shravankumar is a tall slim man. He has got an oval face, black eyes and an upturned nose. He wears a bowler hat under that his long curly hair parted slightly to the left.  He has got blue eyes with a lovely look in them. He wears always smile on his face. I‘ve never seen him angry. In everyday life he is often casually dressed in a pair of trousers and T-shirt. He is aggressive sometimes but looks very cool many times. You will be happy with him while speaking to him. He is a well-mannered person. 

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