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03 November 2013

Should and Ought to

Should and ought to
We express the obligation using should and ought to. It means that it would be a good thing to do, when we think is a good thing to do or the right thing to do. We use shouldn’t (do) or ought not to (do) when we want to say that something is not a good thing to do.
1.     Polya, you ought to learn how to write your name.
2.     Polya, you should learn how to write your name.
3.     The circus is really good. Your should go and see it.
4.     That truck driver ought not to drive. He has had too much to drink.
5.     Raju is very ill. He ought to see a doctor.
1.     Your friend is going to visit Delhi. Advise him to learn a few words of Hindi before he goes.
2.     Your friend rides his bike at night without lights. You think this is dangerous. Advise him not to do it.
3.     Your friend has started smoking. You thingk this is wrong. Advise him not to do it.
4.     Your friend has not been working hard at her studies. Advise her to stud hard.
5.     Your friend appears to be a good runner. Advise him to join a sports school.
6.     Your friend, Sagar/Sagarika appears to be lazy. Advise him to be active in any time.
7.     Your friend, Rashi/Ramakrishna looks older. Advise him to marry immediately.
8.     Your friend is going to visit Mumbai. Advise him to learn a few word of Marathi before he goes.
9.     Your friend has not been working proper. Advise him to work proper.
10.  Your friend looking rash at elders. Advise him to speak politely.
11.  Your friend looks ugly. Advise her to wash her clothes.
12.  Your brother’s shoes are ugly. Advise him to clean them.
13.  Your sister writes illegibly. Advise her to write legibly.
14.  Your friend addicted to the alcohol. Advise him to avoid it.
15.  Ramesh is teasing girls. Advise him not to tease them.

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