26 October 2020

Attitude is Altitude (50-Important Questions and Answers)

Attitude is Altitude

1.    What is the bio-sketch about?

The bio-sketch is about the life of Mr. Nick Vujicic.

2.    Who is Nick Vujicic?

Nick Vujicic is mainly a torso and a successful person despite difficulties.

3.    What is Nick Vujicic?

Nick Vujicic is now a motivational speaker, inspiring the distressed minds.

4.    What is the disease named in the passage?

The disease named in the passage is Phocomelia which means being born without limbs.

5.    What are the things that Nick can do?

Nick can play football, golf and he can swim, surf. He can brush his teeth and wash his hair having no limbs.

6.    Nick has something on his left hip. What is that?

Nick has a small foot on his left hip which helps him to balance and kick things and hold something.

7.    What was the chicken drumstick mentioned by Nick?

Nick Vujicic mentioned his small foot as his chicken drumstick. He jokes like this to make the audience motivated.

8.    How can Nick write?

Nick’s mother invented a plastic device which helps him to hold a pen or pencil between his toes. Thus, Nick can write something.

9.    When did Nick learn to swim?

When Nick was eighteen months old his father put him into the water to give him the courage to swim. Thus, Nick learnt swimming.

10. How did his father help him to learn swimming?

Nick’s father helped him by putting him in the water at the age 18 months. Thus, he gave courage to his son and encouraged to become independent.

11. List the people who supported him to become independent.

Nick’s father, mother, religion, friends, teachers and education helped Nick to become independent in his life.

12. How does Nick kick things though he has no legs?

Though Nick has no arms and legs he can kick things using his small foot that is on his left hip.

13. Where was Nick born?

Nick was born in Melbourne, Australia.

14. Where does he live now?

Nick lives in Los Angeles, America (US).

15. Why did he wait to get marry?

Nick waited for a right girl to get married. As Nick is mainly a torso, the girl has to understand him.

16. Who is Steve Appel?

Steve Appel is a friend of Nick Vujicic.

17. What is Steve Appel?

Steve Appel is a publicist.

18. How does Nick play golf?

Though Nick has no arms and legs, he can play golf with a club tucked under his chin.

19. What is the game that Nick loves most?

Nick loves foot-ball the most. He is a fan of English Premier League which is a foot-ball tournament.

20. How long did Nick’s mother wait to hold him in her lap?

Nick’s mother waited for four months to get him into her lap.

21. Why was Nick’s mother distraught when he was born?

As Nick was born without limbs, his mother became distraught. Hence, she waited for four months to get him into her lap.

22. Why was Nick’s father so shocked when Nick was born?

When Nick was born, his father went to see him in the hospital. He might have felt very happy but seeing Nick without arms and legs he was so shocked.

23. Nick’s mother invented something. What was that? How does it helpful for him?

Nick’s mother invented a plastic device. It helps him to hold things like pen or pencil between his toes.

24. What might be the reasons behind Nick’s depression?

Nick has no arms and legs. There might be a chance of being bulled and teased by others. And there is so much that he can’t do. So, he was depressed.

25. Why do you think Nick asked his mother to kill himself?

As Nick was mainly a torso, he is unable to do things as other do. And he might have been teased and bullied by others and became depressed. For his unbearable distress, he asked his mother to kill himself.

26. Once Nick hated the God. Why?

Nick was not born as other. He was born without arms and legs. Hence he hated the God.

27. Now Nick realized. What was his realization?

When Nick read a successful story of a disabled man in a news article, Nick realized the purpose of his birth to give hope to others.

28. What was the news-article about?

The news article is about a disabled person, who pulled though the obstacles in his life and became successful.

29. Why did Nick feel cold and bitter?

He might have been teased and bullied by others and there is so much that he couldn’t do. Hence he felt cold and bitter.

30. What was the cruel trick mentioned in the passage?

The cruel trick mentioned in the passage is that Nick was born without arms and legs.

31. Who do you think that teased and bullied Nick?

I think some silly, foolish, stupid people in the school and around him teased and bulled him.

32. How could Nick brush his teeth?

Though Nick has no arms, he could brush his teeth. He can brush with the help a brush mounted to the wall.

33. How could Nick wash his hair?

Although Nick has no arms and legs, he could wash his hair with the help of a pump action soap in his bathroom.

34. Nick became an international symbol of triumph over adversity. What are the adversities Nick faced?

Nick faced many adversities in his life. He was born without arms and legs. He was teased and bullied. He tried to commit suicide himself. But finally, he became successful.

35. Who inspired Nick?

The news article about a disabled man, who managed to achieve great things in life, inspired Nick Vujicic.

36. Who is the surfing master?

Bethany Hamilton is the surfing master mentioned in the passage. She taught Nick surfing.

37. What happened to Nick’s surfing master when she was 12?

When Bethany Hamilton was 12 years old her arm was bitten by a shark.

38. What was the award Nick won in 1990?

Nick won “the Australian Young Citizen of the Year” award in 1990.

39. Why was the award given to Nick?

The award was given for his bravery and perseverance.

40. Nick decided to be thankful and not to get angry for something. What was that?

Nick decided to be thankful for what he has. And he decided not to get angry for having no arms and legs and his inabilities.

41. What does Nick do when he fails?

When Nick fails, he tries again and again to make it possible.

42. What do you do when you fail?

If I fail, I too try again and again till I get it in a fair manner.

43. It was so hard for them. What was hard? For whom it was hard?

Nick was born without arms and legs. It was hard for them to make him independent. But they did their best.

44. What was Nick’s father?

Nick’s father was a computer programmer and accountant.

45. What was Nick’s mother?

Nick’s mother was a nurse.

46. Despite the risk of being bullied, his parents insisted Nick on attending mainstream school. Why?

Nick’s parents knew that joining in a mainstream school was difficult for him. But to make him independent they insisted.

47. How did Nick balance well on surfing board?

Nick is mainly a torso and so there would be low center of gravity. Hence, he balances well on surfing board.

48. Why did the girl speed off at the traffic lights?

The girls thought that Nick was interesting. But when Nick did 360-degree spin in the car, she was terrified and sped quickly.

49. What have you learnt from Nick’s life?

I have learnt that dedication, determination and discipline will make us victors over difficulties.

50. “She was amazing.” Who was amazing and why?

Nick said that Bethany Hamilton was amazing. Because she became a surfing master despite her arm was bitten by a shark.

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