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20 August 2020

The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem) Summary and Comprehension Questions with Answers for 9th Class English

The Duck and the Kangaroo

Comprehension Questions and Answers for better understanding the poem 👇👇
  1. What are the two chief characters in the poem?

The duck and the kangaroo are the two chief characters in the poem.

  1. Who will hop over the fields and the water?

According to the poem the kangaroo would hop over the fields and the water.

  1. Who feels that its life is a bore?

The duck feels that its life is a bore in the pond.

  1. Why do you think the duck feels bored?

The duck feels bored in the nasty pond as it is the only world for it.

  1. Where does the duck live?

The duck lives in a nasty pond.

  1. What is the duck's wish?

The duck wants to go beyond its world. It wants to jump, hop like the kangaroo.

  1. Who asked for a ride? To whom?

The duck asked the kangaroo for a ride.

  1. What is the imaginary place mentioned in the poem?

Dee and Jelly Bo Lee is the imaginary place mentioned in the poem.

  1. What is the problem with the kangaroo?

The kangaroo thought that the wet web feet of the duck would fetch it roomariz.

  1. How is the problem resolved?

The duck bought four pairs of worsted socks, a cloak, and wanted to smoke a cigar a day to resolve the problem.

  1. What did the duck do to keep out of the cold?

The duck wanted to smoke a cigar a day to keep out of the cold.

  1. What did the duck do to keep the wet feet dry?

The duck bought four pairs of worsted socks that best fit its feet to keep them dry.

  1. When did the two friends go on a tour?

After resolving the problem the two friends went on a tour in the moonlight pale.

  1. Why did the duck sit at the end of the tail?

Naturally the tail of a kangaroo is the strongest organ for it. It helps the kangaroo to balance and even to jump. The duck sat at the end of the tail as the kangaroo asked it to do so.

  1. How many times did they travel around the world?

According to the poem they traveled three times around the world.

  1. Who is the poet of the poem, 'The duck and the kangaroo'?

Edward Lear is the poet of the poem, “The Duck and the Kangaroo.”

  1. Who do you think was so happy during the journey? Why?

Both might be happy during their journey. But the duck may feel more happy as it wishes to go beyond its world of the nasty pond. Even the kangaroo too feels happy to help his friend to get out of the gloom.

  1. If you get a chance to go with your friend around, how would you feel? Why?

I would love to go around with my friends often. It always makes a friend happy for the only reason they are friends. Friendship depends on any calculations.

  1. Who do you like, the duck or the kangaroo? Why?

I like the kangaroo. The kangaroo is ready to help his friend but finds a problem. So he resolves the problem by talking to the duck. Finally makes his friend get out of the gloom. Hence a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

  1. If you have some problem with your friend, what would you do?

I am really inspired by the kangaroo. I too resolve the problem by having a chat with my friend if I have some with him/her.

(Summary of the poem)

(Summary by Harinath Vemula)

            This poem was written by Edward Lear who was a British artist, illustrator, author, and poet. ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’ is a poem with a touch of light humour.

            Once there was a pond in the middle of a jungle. There lived a duck lonely. Few days the duck observed the life of a kangaroo. You know, the kangaroo can jump, hop on the land. It was merry all the way. The duck felt unhappy for living in an unpleasant pond. It wanted to go around.


            So, the duck asked the kangaroo. It wondered how the kangaroo jumps over the fields and canals, lakes etc. The duck and the kangaroo became friends. The duck once asked the Kangaroo to give it a ride to the world beyond the pond. The duck promised to sit silently and still but only can say ‘Quack, Quack’. The duck wanted to go round an imaginary place, the Dee and the Jelly Bo Lee. The duck requested the kangaroo to give it a ride over the land and over some lakes, ponds etc.     

       The kangaroo felt happy to give the duck a ride and thought it would fetch it some luck. But the kangaroo wanted to think it over for some reasons. It thought that the wet and cold feet of the duck may bring roomatiz.

    So, the duck thought over it sitting somewhere on a rock and found some possible solutions though they seem to be silly. It went to the kangaroo and assured by promising. The duck said that it bought four pairs of woolen socks for its web-feet and a coat to keep it dry and warm. The duck also promised to smoke a cigar every day.


Hence, the kangaroo got ready and asked the duck to sit on the end of its tail holding tightly. You know, one of the strongest parts of a kangaroo is its tail. Thus, they had a ride in the moonlight around the places they wanted to visit three times.

Finally, they were happy to have a ride with each other. The duck was very much elated for going beyond its nasty pond. The kangaroo was also happy for fulfilling a wish of its dearest friend. At the end of the poem the poet asks you whether you are happy like the duck and the kangaroo with your friends.


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