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July 16, 2016

The Tattered Blanket possible comprehension questions for class 8 English

The Tattered Blanket 

possible comprehension questions 

for class 8 English

Here is a bunch of 20 possible questions on comprehension from the lesson, "The Tattered Blanket" from class 8's English subject. Some interpretative and self expression questions along with some discourse questions are being given.

1.      Who arrived unexpectedly?

2.      Did his mother get up? Why?

3.      Who was Kamala?

4.      His mother was unable to hear. Why?

5.      What was Gopi?

6.      How does Gopi look like?

7.      Why did Gopi come to home this time?

8.      Do you think Gopi loves his mother? How do you say?

9.      Who is the best? Kamala or Gopi? How?

10.  How was Amma’s health condition?

11.  Was Gopi’s family at Delhi a nuclear family or joint family? Why?

12.  Do you think Gopi writes his mother regularly?

13.  Do you think Gopi’s mother got angry at him? How do you say?

14.  Do you think Vimala really has no time to write a letter to Amma?

15.  Do you think Kamala got angry at her brother?

16.  Is it right to get angry at mother for not recognizing Gopi? Why?

17.  If you were Kamala what would you do when Gopi visited your home?

18.  Think that you were Kamala in the lesson, “The Tattered Blanket.” Now write an entry into your diary on the day your brother visited Amma?

19.  Think that you were Gopi. Now make a diary entry on the day you visited Amma?

Imagine that you were the secretary to cultural club of your school. The club is going to make the story, The Tattered Blanket, enact on the dais. Now prepare a notice to invite artists to participate to act in the play. You may mention the date, whom to consult, time, venue, who to apply, who will lead the program etc.

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